Sabathia’s success this season not good for Tribe?

So last night C.C. pitched another complete game win for the Indians. This raised his record to 11-2, and lowered his era to 3.24. He is currently tied for first in wins, and 3rd in strikeouts with 108. Obviously he is on pace for a 20 win season and 200 punchouts. And I have to say that could spell disaster for the Indians.cc1.jpg

What am I talking about? Well if the Indians don’t win the World Series this year, I think we can kiss our staff ace goodbye. Sabathia is flirting with the Cy Young right now. I would dare say he would be the favorite. You tell me how much money he could squeeze from the Yankees, Red Sox, or Mets if he won 20 and collected his first Cy? The Indians would not match any kind of offer that C.C. would be sure to get.

I didn’t think we had much of a shot to sign him before, but his dominance this season has all but assured us that he will be gone.

So, do the Indians have what it takes to win this year? Let’s hope so.

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