Awesome win last night!

Had the opportunity to watch a game in its entirety last night (that is so rare). Watched Cliff Lee have a decent outing, and the Tribe bats came to life at the last minute to pull off the remarkable comeback scoring 5 runs in the bottom of the ninth to beat the A’s 8-5. Kelly Shoppach got the walk-off 3 run dinger pinch hitting. Great moment for Kelly, but for my money the pressure hit of the game came from Travis Hafner.

Before getting the game tying hit with two outs in the ninth Pronk left the bases loaded in the seventh. He was ticked after letting the team down, and you could see him dying for another shot. When Martinez reached in the ninth, Pronk got his wish and didn’t waste any time, lining Embree’s first pitch in the gap for a game tying double.

“I was pumped up,” said Hafner, who pumped his fist in glee at second base after the hit. “I had a chance earlier with the bases loaded and didn’t come through. If I don’t get a hit there, the game is over.”

Haren pitched well for the A’s, but gave up his season high with 3 earned runs. Are you kidding me? The worst this guy has done this year is 3 earned runs? Wow. Talk about consistency.

What just topped the night off was the Rangers coming from behind to beat the Tigers, deadlocking the Tribe for first in the Central once again. Huge night when you were about to be down two games, and suddenly you are even again. I hope that this win starts the Tribe on another hot streak. We need to be playing our best when we get to Detroit next week.

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