The Jake doesn’t disappoint

So my wife and I took my daughter to her first Indians game Thursday. (Grandma Carol came too.) First thing- Tribe wins 4-3 on a 3-run shot by Michaels in the 7th. (Thank you Jason!) There was plenty for my nearly three year old to do, including the play area, and the build a bear workshop. We even found a decent food baragin- the Sliders mini-burger platter. Three small cheeseburgers and about a pound of fries for $5.50. As far as ballpark food costs go, that was the equivalent of the dollar value menu. The game took only about 2.5 hours. We were out of the park by 3pm. The Jake did his part.

Unfortunately, the experience was tainted. Life crept up and bit us when our dog jumped the fence at my mom’s house the night before and ran away. We searched for hours in the rain Wednesday night. We went to bed late and woke up at 6am to continue the search. After a few more hours of searching we looked again, to no avail. We went to the game and came back to search some more. The game was fine, but we were exhausted, Rachel hadn’t slept much and so she was tired and cranky a lot of the day. Kelly did her best to enjoy the experience, but her heart was elsewhere. Perhaps the experience will be more joyful if Maya is returned. If not, I have to say the game will always be remembered not for Rachel’s first Indians experience, but for the day we lost a member of the family.

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