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#7 comes home

031_5128kenny-lofton-cleveland-indians-posters.jpgDon’t have much time to post, but it has been made official that Kenny Lofton is coming back to the Indians in exchange for minor league catcher Max Ramirez. Ramirez is a fine prospect, but certainly is playing a position that is seemingly blocked with Martinez and Shoppach. Word is that Lofton would be available for duty even tonight starting the Twins series. Whether he plays left or right field, my question is where does he hit? Do you lead him off? Do you bat him second? How does this line-up look-

cf- Grady Sizemore, lf Kenny Lofton, c Victor Martinez, dh Travis Hafner, 1b Ryan Garko, 3b Casey Blake, ss Jhonny Peralta, rf Jason Michaels (platoon), 2b Josh Barfield

Do you leave Blake in the 2 hole? I would hear the argument that we should leave Blake alone because he is having a decent year. I think Lofton would be a better 2 hitter than Casey. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind seeing Lofton in the lead-off spot and put Grady in the 2 spot. Bottom line- this trade should only be the begining of the moves. We now have at least one too many outfielders. One should be traded. To be continued…

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Good News on the Browns

thomas.jpgthomas.jpgthomas.jpgthomas.jpgthomas.jpgSo the Browns signed first rounder Joe Thomas (3rd overall) and their second round selection CB Eric Wright. These signings are especially important for the Browns because they both are expected to compete for starting spots. Getting them to camp was priority one for Phil Savage. Certainly we would love to have all of the draft picks at camp when it begins today, but I believe most Browns fans are willing to let Savage do what he has to do and stand firm with Brady Quinn. Let’s face facts- Quinn had little chance to win the starting job this year. With the brutal schedule to open the season, it was always going to be Charlie Frye or possibly Derek Anderson. I give the edge to Frye myself.

wright.jpgSo I applaud the efforts made to get Wright and Thomas into camp. Let’s make sure we recognize that Thomas signed for a little less than what #4 pick Gaines Adams signed for with Tampa Bay. Certainly they had Gaines’ contract numbers reported to them, but they didn’t let that get in the way of what they had already discussed. Thomas said from day one he expected to be in camp on time. Credit him for making it happen along with Savage. The only thing that I am a little disappointed in is the contract length. Apparently there is a clause that can void the sixth year of the deal. ESPN’s article seemed to infer that it was the player’s option, meaning if Thomas is the real deal he can be a free agent sooner. I guess that is a concession the Browns had to make to get him in camp. So be it. Good job Savage. As for Brady Quinn- you’re an idiot to hold out for very long. You might as well flush this season down the toilet if you make Crennel mad.

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This Carmona kid is good…scary good

Two quotes to open- the first is from yours truly before yesterday’s masterpiece…

fausto.jpg    “The Tribe sends Fausto Carmona to the mound tonight against Josh Beckett. This is a very important game for Carmona. It may give us an indication if he is ready to pitch in the post-season.”

The second is from the AP wire after the win…

   “Carmona reminisced about his personal Boston massacre on Tuesday, but the right-hander was able to block it out during a late July game that had October-like electricity.”

October-like electricity. I’d say so. Carmona was fantastic last night. He carried a no-hitter into the sixth inning. His line- 8 innings, 0 runs, 2 BB, 4 Hits, 6 K’s. On a night when Beckett was great, Fausto was even better. He got some help. It hurts me to even type it, but Casey Blake made some nice plays at third last night. He made snares of line drives the camera couldn’t even catch up to.victorplate.jpg

 Then there was the play at the plate. Ortiz hits a ground ball into shallow left center that Barfield catches up to. Crisp, who had been on second decides to try and score. Barfield throws a one hopper to Victor. Martinez had to catch the ball on the right side of the dish, and turn to get Coco. He blocked the plate with his entire body. As Rick Manning said in the broadcast- he sat on the plate. It was brilliant.

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A new rivalry…

Cleveland is 115 miles from Pittsburgh. You can easily get there in two hours. I’ve gone there for a baseball game. Saw the Pirates play the Braves when they were still at Three Rivers Stadium. I have to admit that I took the opportunity to write a message to the Steeler fans there in the bathroom. I wasn’t a Christian yet. That is my excuse. Anyway, The Cleveland -Pittsburgh rivalry is legendary in the area. What is funny is that the Browns and Steelers are the only two teams that play each other within the two cities. The Indians don’t play any meaningful games against the Pirates, Cleveland doesn’t have an NHL team, and Pittsburgh has no NBA team.

Detroit is only 94 miles from Cleveland. detroit_skyline.pngAgain, easliy reached within a two hour drive. There is however, very little rivalry between the two cities- before this year. When the Cavs beat the Pistons on the same weekend that the Indians were beating the Tigers created quite a stir in the city of cars. The Pistons stirred this rivalry by suggesting that the Cavs had no business beating them. That they lost the series instead of the Cavs winning it. You could tell Detroit is still pumped about beating Cleveland when the Indians went back to Detroit recently.(More after the jump.)

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Tangent Friday…contracts gone crazy

Today is a significant day in the history of American Sports. David Beckham and wife Victoria have been introduced in L.A. Beckham will join the Galaxy, and try to turn their season around. I have no interest in looking up the Galaxy’s record or trying to sound even remotely educated about soccer. I am arod.jpgnot. I don’t really care. The reason this day is significant is because it could be known as the day that soccer fans were hosed to the tune of 250 million dollars. David Beckham has not come to save soccer in America. He has come to exploit the media frenzy that surround hollywood stars. His wife has a ‘reality’ t.v. show slated to come out soon, and they are going to milk the L.A. press to make themselves bigger stars here in America, the one market they haven’t really tapped. What has been the knock on Beckham his whole career? He doesn’t always play hard, doesn’t always give his best effort? Now he wants to come to an inferior league to help that league? No. David Beckham is in this for the continued globalization of his name.

Now, there is the A-Rod mess. Good job Cashman. Brilliant strategy. This would have helped a little- maybe you should have found out ahead of time if Boras and A-Rod were willing to negotiate now before you made this big deal about going against team policy to renegotiate in season. The Yankees blinked, and announced to the world that they were going to make an exception in this case, and try to get a deal done with A-Rod before he could opt out of his contract. How arrogant to think that Rodriguez would accept this invitation with open arms and sign right away. Boras says no thanks, and now the Yankess are saying if you don’t sign before the season ends we are not going to be part of the bidding war. Way to turn your fans against a player while you are trying to creep back into the playoff race. Seriously, could you have scripted this any better if you were say the Red Sox or the Angels, or even the Indians for that matter? (More after the jump.) Continue reading

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Please sign the thank you card

thank_you_card.jpgWell now. It seems the Memphis Grizzlies have decided to throw 7 million per year at Darko Millicic. Wow. That would be two teams that have made big mistakes with Darko. We are sending a thank you card because that was the team most interested in Varejao, and honestly probably the only one who would have thrown more money at him than the Cavs could really afford to give out. The Plain Dealer reports that the Cavs are all but assured of resigning Andy, for even less than the mid-level exemption. Link at the bottom. The question now is what about Sasha? And will we make any other kind of move, or will they hope that the team improves as the kiddies get more experience? Does that make you happy? Are you satisfied by simply keeping the team together? I’m not really thrilled about it. I think the Spurs exploited weaknesses in the Cavs that I don’t know will improve without changing some personnel. Are Damon Jones and Donyell Marshall going to suddenly start hitting shots next year? Will Daniel Gibson morph into a true point guard? Can the team improve its terrible free throw shooting? Too many questions. We will never be NBA champs with Larry Hughes playing at his current level. But at least we will still have Andy to cheer. Then again, we thought Boozer was a done deal too.

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Browns pre-season preview- the offense

Well, let’s get offensive. Actually, can we be less offensive (off-fence-ive) when we braylonedwards.jpghave the ball? What the Browns have been doing for the past several years has been an embarrassment to football. Can we move the ball this year? Can we, heaven braylonedwards.jpgbraylonedwards.jpgforbid, cross the goal line more than once or twice a game? Let’s pick the offense apart. (Why not us, everyone else in the league did…thank you, thank you very much, I’ll be here all week)braylonedwards.jpgbraylonedwards.jpgbraylonedwards.jpgbraylonedwards.jpg

We’ll start with the line. The big move in free agency was adding Eric Steinbach. The Browns gave the former Bengal more than 7 million per season. That’s a lot of money for a guard, but let’s face facts- the Browns haven’t sniffed a pro-bowl lineman since they returned to the league. Steinbach has that kind of potential. He should be a huge upgrade on the left side of the line. The next major move was drafting Joe Thomas. Thomas will have big shoes to fill, as he is expected to be in the mold of Orlando Pace, Walter Jones, and Jonathon Ogden. That might be too much to place on Thomas’ shoulders, but he should be better than say Robert Gallery. (Continued jamal.jpgjamal.jpgafter the jump.) Continue reading

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