Carmona rebounds with strong outing

carmona.jpgcarmona.jpgcarmona.jpgcarmona.jpgThat is the way put a crappy performance behind you. Fausto struck out 8 last night before getting in a bit of a jam in the 7th. His line- 6 innings, 2 runs (1 earned), 8K’s, 2 walks, and the W. Yes, it was against the Devil Rays, but it was a solid outing regardless. The Tribe completes the four game swcarmona.jpgcarmona.jpgeep, and moves to 2 games ahead of the Tigers in the Central.

So tonight the Indians begin a three game set with the striped cats in Motown. Should be a great series. Let’s hope the Indians remember to pack their A game with their uniforms this road trip. The Indians are 5-2 against Detroit, including a three game sweep in Michigan. (Yeah, that was a fun sentence to type.) Your pitching match-ups for the series…carmona.jpg

Tonight- Byrd vs Robertson 4-6, 4.82 era

Wednesday- Westbrook vs Rogers 2-0, 0.75 era

Thursday- Sabathia vs Verlander 9-3, 3.18 era

Looking at those match-ups I would say there is some pressure on Byrd tonight. Let’s hope he pitches well, and the Tribe jumps on Robertson like they did last time we saw him in Detroit.

Thought I would give you a little bit of my plans for the blog the rest of the week. In addition to covering the Indians, I’ll be trying to post something about the other 3 teams that I intend to cover in the blog. Up first will be the Cavs and what free agency is going to do to them, er what they are going to do in free agency. I’ll be looking at the Browns and trying to do an assessment of the team heading into training camp. Finally we’ll check in on the Buckeyes to see how they are going to fill holes left on the offensive side of the ball. That’s my goal, here’s hoping I accomplish it.

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