Free agency not as fun this year for Cavs fans

act_anderson_varejao.jpgThe past few off-seasons have been interesting, if not exciting for Cavs fans. Even if the players we have signed haven’t lived up to the hype (or money) that they were given. (Like, oh, I don’t know Larry Hughes, Damon Jones, Donyell Marshall.) I won’t include Drew Gooden in that group, because I think Gooden has improved since coming to Cleveland, and is not a bad player. Gooden is just not Carlos Boozer, and unfortunately for Drew that is who he is expected to be.

This year it seems that we will not be able to keep the roster together. Varejao and Pavlovic both are ready to test the waters of free agency, and truthfully they will both probably get more money than they are worth, even in the bloated world of NBA salaries. Now keep in mind that the Cavs have the option of matching any deal that these two receive. They will have to pay a luxury tax penalty however. Anderson has already reportedly received an offer for close to 8 million per year. (According to the Akron Beacon Journal, link at the bottom.) That would cost the Cavs another 8 million in luxury tax. Pavlovic is sure to get offered at least what Jason Kapono (Oh yeah, we drafted him didn’t we?) got from the Raptors.

Word is that the Cavs are trying to sign Morris Peterson, which I would have to assume would mean that they would be letting Pavlovic go, if not Varejao also. Let’s be honest here- does that excite anyone? Peterson lost his starting job with Toronto this year, shot just over 35% from 3 pt range, and only 68% of his free throws. Branson Wright of the Plain Dealer claims Peterson would be an upgrade defensively, (though I might be a defensive upgrade over Pavlovic, or Damon Jones for that matter) but is this the player that the Cavs are missing? Another rumor is that the avs are interested in Matt Carroll, along with the Spurs and Pacers. Now Carroll is intriguing. He is a 6’6″ swingman that averaged 12 points for the Bobcats last season. He shot 41% from deep, and 90% from the line. That’s a little better if you ask me. He is only 26 years old, and would be thrilled to play for a contender after playing with Charlotte. Unfortunately, the Spurs are interested. Who are you going to sign with? Here’s hoping I’m wrong and Matt will decide to come to Cleveland.

For the last two seasons I thought that the Cavs absolutley had to sign Varejao. I thought giving him up would be suicide. But after the playoffs, I’m not so sure. First- he had a horrible Finals. Just terrible. You can’t leave him in the game in the last say three minutes, because he can’t make a free throw. His defensive style is much better suited to the regular season. In the post season fouls are just called differently, and they always have been. He managed to get in Rasheed’s head and throw his game off a little, but how hard is that? I love his hustle, I love his enthusiasm and energy. He is going to get starter’s money. I don’t know if I would match that offer, unless you plan to move Gooden and start Andy. Not that I like that idea much.

What about Sasha? Well, despite his defense I still like him. He was the only player other than LeBrorn who could create their own offense in the last two playoff series. I know, if Larry Hughes is healthy he can penetrate and score. You know what? There have been more Loch Ness Monster sightings the past 2 years than successful Hughes drives to the basket. I was in favor of the signing when it happened, but Hughes is just not working out here. So trade him? Who would take him?

Here’s a deal for you-

Dear Mr. McHale-

I hear that you have had some trouble moving Kevin Garnett to a new team. Let me help you out. How about this for a trade- You give us Garnett, and we will give you your choice of three players. The big man that every GM has been waiting for to hit the market- Andy Varejao. Those blue collar T-Wolves fans will love him. We’ll even send whatever leftover fake wig things we can find for the first promo night. Next, Larry Hughes. You might remeber him from his days with Washington. He’s still around, and the foot looks fine. Next on the offering block- Damon Jones. Man can he hit the 3! (Just ask him.) Sasha Pavlovic is the next possibility. He is recovering from his early career allergic reaction to playing defense quite nicely. Oh, why not, we’d even let you take Drew Gooden, but you’d be robbing us blind!

Sincerely- All Cavs fans.

Could there be a hint of a possibility of a trade with Minny? Would you trade Gooden, Hughes and sign and trade Andy for Garnett? Of course you would. In a heartbeat. Would the Wolves be better starting Hughes, Davis, Gooden, Varejao and Blount? I think they might be, but would they pull the trigger on that one? Nope. Don’t think so. Not sure the numbers would work either. But it made the off-season interesting for a few minutes!

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