Tribe 1 – Tigers 0

blake.jpgNo, that wasn’t the score last night. Actually the blake.jpgblake.jpgblake.jpgblake.jpgTribe won 5-4 in 11 innings. If you’re reading this you probably don’t need a complete game recap. I’ll highlight a couple of things here. First, Blake came through with his 12th homerun of the season. Not that I got to see that mind you, because STO was experiencing technical difficulties during the 11th. Nice.

Casey and I have this love/hate relationship going on. Actually, he doesn’t know who I am. And there is generally no love part of the relationship. I refer to him as death. Such as-

“Who’s up next honey?” my wife might say if she was interested for some reason.

“Death.” I would reply.blake.jpg

“Oh, Blake again?” She would surmise.

“Yeah, again.”

“Maybe he’ll get a hit.” She might say.

“Slow gronder to third, easy play.” The announcer might say next.

It’s not that I am blind to the season that Blake is having. He is a decent defensive third baseman, and his production is better than it has been the last few years. Those years have just ruined me to watching Death, er Casey. How many times in the past has Blake grounded into the inning killing double play with a man in scoring position? Even this year- he had a 26 game hitting streak, and he’s still only batting .271! Seriously, he didn’t even bat .300 during the streak.

Anyway I never see him do anything productive- everytime he gets a clutch hit I must be in the bathroom, because I hear announcers and fans talk about how great he is doing this year, but I never witness this greatness. Like last night- the network goes black while I’m watching. Never saw Blake hit the homerun. He will still be Death in my book. But thanks for the win. We needed that one.

Taking the first from the Tigers means that no matter what happens the rest of this series we will leave Detroit with the division lead. Very nice.

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