Showdown in Motown

Detroit won last night, pulling to within 2 of the Tribe. The Indians had chances, but it just didn’t happen last night. So C.C. gets the ball tonight against Justin Verlander. Let’s go to the tale of the tape for this one-verlander.jpg

Justin Verlander

Age: 24

Height: 6’5″

Throws: Right

Stats: 9-3, 3.18 era, 90 K’s, 39 Walks, .213 BA against

C.C. Sabathiasabathia2.jpg

Age: 26

Height: 6’7″

Weight: 290

Throws: Left

Stats: 12-2, 3.20 era, 116 K’s, 17 Walks, .261 BA against

Staring at those numbers, I am stunned by Sabathia’s K/BB ratio. Take a look at this trend-

2001- K/BB 1.80

2002- K/BB 1.69

2003- K/BB 2.14

2004- K/BB 1.93

2005- K/BB 2.60

2006- K/BB 3.91

2007- K/BB 6.82

What does this mean? How about C.C. maturing into a dominant pitcher. Is it any wonder that his era has been dropping since 2004? His BA against has been fairly consistent through his career, at about .250. This year is the highest it’s ever been, and yet he is having his best season. He is also holding runners closer to first, as steals against him are way down this year (5). In fact, 7 runners have been thrown out trying swipe a base of Sabathia. He is getting the ground ball double play at a better rate this year as well.

C.C. is really begining to understand this game at the highest level. If I can limit the number of runners on base, so far as I can control them (walks), and if I can keep them out of scoring position, then I have a good shot at turning double plays and saving my arm to go deeper into games.

This is going to cost someone an arm and a leg. Let’s hope thoses appendages belong to the Dolans.

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