Tangent Friday…

Don’t really want to talk about the game from yesterday- sometimes you just have one of those games. We’ll be just fine. But had to find something for the Morning Adjustment. So I was surfing through some of my favorite sports sites, and came across Queen’s We Will Rock You. Watching the video on YouTube brings up a question…

How did one group come up with so many sport-inspiring anthems? We Will Rock You, We Are the Champions, Another One Bites the Dust– all great songs for whipping a sports fan or crowd into a frenzy. So what are the top sports anthems of all time? My opinion Queen owns three spots here. If you are a Cleveland fan, then Cleveland Rocks has to be on your list. More after the jump.

Here is the list so far- in no particular order-

Cleveland Rocks

We Will Rock You

We Are the Champions

Another One Bites the Dust

I would have to say Rock and Roll Part 2 by Gary Glitter makes the list. For baseball, Centerfield has always been a favorite. That makes six.

As I research this I realize that one other group might have three worthy songs- though I probably never would have listened to them if it weren’t for stadium songs. AC/DC, with Thunderstruck, Hell’s Bells, and For Those About to Rock. Not sure all three make my top ten. I might take Thunderstruck or For Those About to Rock off.

Here’s a song that you have probably never heard in a stadium, but if I were still announcing games For Cincinnati Christian Uninversity, this would be a staple- We Win! by the David Crowder Band. Give it a listen. http://www.amazon.com/Collision-David-Crowder-Band/dp/B000B19APY Click samples, and then We Win.

Enter Sandman is a possibility, but like the two AC/DC songs I eliminated it would be better as entrance music. And it just isn’t my favorite, and this is my list.

Sirius by the Alan Parsons project. You probably don’t recognize the name, but you would recognize the tune. It’s the team intro music made famous by the Chicago Bulls. It’s good stuff. Has to be on the list. Speaking of the list let’s do a recap of what made it so far.

Cleveland Rocks, We Will Rock You, We Are the Champions, Another One Bites the Dust, Rock and Roll Part 2, Centerfield, Hell’s Bells, We Win!, Sirius

That leaves us with one more choice. I’m going with Beautiful Day by U2. There. Argue with me if you want. That’s my list. Don’t think I will rank them, they are to be used in different situations. How can you rank that?


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2 responses to “Tangent Friday…

  1. For hockey intro, “Sandstorm” by Darude, “Ready to Go” by Republica and “Party Hard” by Andrew W.K. are three choices that always get me in the mood for some glass breaking hits.

  2. rickg15

    You know I have never seen a hockey game live. That is something I will have to do now that I am fairly close to Columbus.

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