Please sign the thank you card

thank_you_card.jpgWell now. It seems the Memphis Grizzlies have decided to throw 7 million per year at Darko Millicic. Wow. That would be two teams that have made big mistakes with Darko. We are sending a thank you card because that was the team most interested in Varejao, and honestly probably the only one who would have thrown more money at him than the Cavs could really afford to give out. The Plain Dealer reports that the Cavs are all but assured of resigning Andy, for even less than the mid-level exemption. Link at the bottom. The question now is what about Sasha? And will we make any other kind of move, or will they hope that the team improves as the kiddies get more experience? Does that make you happy? Are you satisfied by simply keeping the team together? I’m not really thrilled about it. I think the Spurs exploited weaknesses in the Cavs that I don’t know will improve without changing some personnel. Are Damon Jones and Donyell Marshall going to suddenly start hitting shots next year? Will Daniel Gibson morph into a true point guard? Can the team improve its terrible free throw shooting? Too many questions. We will never be NBA champs with Larry Hughes playing at his current level. But at least we will still have Andy to cheer. Then again, we thought Boozer was a done deal too.

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