#7 comes home

031_5128kenny-lofton-cleveland-indians-posters.jpgDon’t have much time to post, but it has been made official that Kenny Lofton is coming back to the Indians in exchange for minor league catcher Max Ramirez. Ramirez is a fine prospect, but certainly is playing a position that is seemingly blocked with Martinez and Shoppach. Word is that Lofton would be available for duty even tonight starting the Twins series. Whether he plays left or right field, my question is where does he hit? Do you lead him off? Do you bat him second? How does this line-up look-

cf- Grady Sizemore, lf Kenny Lofton, c Victor Martinez, dh Travis Hafner, 1b Ryan Garko, 3b Casey Blake, ss Jhonny Peralta, rf Jason Michaels (platoon), 2b Josh Barfield

Do you leave Blake in the 2 hole? I would hear the argument that we should leave Blake alone because he is having a decent year. I think Lofton would be a better 2 hitter than Casey. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind seeing Lofton in the lead-off spot and put Grady in the 2 spot. Bottom line- this trade should only be the begining of the moves. We now have at least one too many outfielders. One should be traded. To be continued…

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