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Tribe, Browns win walking away…

wedge.jpgWell, I’m not sure where to start tonight. Let’s try the Indians. A one out hit by Victor in the bottom of the ninth earned him a seat on the bench as Barfield came in to run. (I had to remind myself that Wedge had been ejected already, because I was ready to jump on him for that one.) Garko gets drilled in the elbow, pushing Barfield to second. Peralta flies out, leaving the runners where they were. Gutierrez works a walk with some rare plate discipline, loading the bases and setting the stage for Lofton. Two outs, bottom of the ninth in a tie game. The count goes full. Lofton fouls off a high outside pitch that could have ended it. Next pitch…did I mention it was a tie game? Do you know why?


Back-up to the top of the ninth. We have a 5-4 lead. The only reason we had a lead was very timely hitting by, well most of the line-up. See, all of our runs scored with two outs. In fact we had 8 hits with two outs. So Laffey pitched well enough to win, Perez allowed runners to score for the first time since like 1999, and we came back to take the lead. Done deal right? Not really. Enter Joe Bo. He walked the lead off batter. Gave up a single, then a sacrifice bunt. The tying run scored on a ball that just got past Borowski, but was handled by Cabrera for an out. Joe got his 6th blown save, and nearly his 6th loss.

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Browns, Bears…or something that resembles them…tonight!

Cue the music, roll the highlight film…we’ve got Thursday night preseason action!

crennel.jpgSeriously, this game is ridiculous. What do we hope to accomplish tonight? Do you even want to see Quinn play? Maybe a series? Can you imagine the curse talk that would surround the city if Brady was injured in the last preseason game of the year? It just doesn’t seem worth it.

So why even play this game? Seems like a tremendous waste. Will the starters play grossman.jpgmore than a series? I’d play Derek Anderson pretty much the entire second and third quarters. Let Dorsey have the fourth. Maybe someone will make an offer for one of them. I can’t imagine carrying all four into the season. It just doesn’t make sense. And I don’t think that Dorsey is automatically out here. I think that Savage would trade Anderson for $.75 on the dollar. Maybe a fifth round pick? Maybe a D-lineman? I don’t know. I could see Atlanta, Minnesota, or even New Orleans trading for Anderson to be 2nd or 3rd string.

(By the way, the picture of Grossman here- usually his head is up his own butt, now he’s getting his lineman involved!) Continue reading


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Advantage- Sabathia!

Sweet sweep! The Tribe beat Santana for the 4th time this season, in the process they get C.C. his 15th win. Sabathia wasn’t perfect, but labored and got the plays when he needed them. There were some nice defensive plays by Garko, Martinez, and Sabathia. Plus the Boy Wonder, Cabrera, played a good shortstop, and hit a two run homer off Santana in the first. Victor also homered in the 1st, and Lofton singled home a run as the Tribe batted around in the first. That would be all the runs we would need. Sabathia pitched 6 innings, giving up 2 runs, Jenson Lewis pitched a scoreless inning, Betancourt gave up a run in his inning, and Borowski got the save without surrendering a run.


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100 Reasons I’m pumped about the Buckeyes…part 2

Alright OSU fans! We are 3 days away from the 2007 season, and I am ready for a tough, hard fought Buckeye victory! Unfortunately, that won’t come for a couple of weeks, as we open with Youngstown State. Oh well, I’ll take my Buckeye fix anyway I can get it. On to the rest of the countdown- (the first half was actually 60 reasons, so its not really half…never mind…)

  • All the hoopla and hype at UM. What I love is that Henne or Long, or Carr can’t be interviewed without the question “CAN you beat Ohio State this year?” I LOVE IT!!!!!
  • This YouTube video (by the way, this was found on Buckeye Battle Cry, and I nearly wept when I saw it.)

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C.C. vs Santana…let’s get it on!

First off- I’m pumped that the Tribe has kept winning, and especially that we took the first two games in this series. That makes this match-up tonight more fun to watch, because honestly we all wanted 2 of 3 from Minnesota. Now that we have that, we can enjoy this even more.IN THE GREY CORNER- from Tovar, Venezula. Standing 6 feet tall and weighing 208 pounds. A dominating left hander with 2 CY Young Awards to his credit. He is 6th in the American League in wins with 14, and second in strike outs with 198. His era of 2.97 ranks him 2nd in the A.L. Against the Indians this year he is 0-3, with a 3.67 era. Quite possibly the best pitcher of the decade…Johan Santana…


AND IN THE WHITE CORNER- from Vallejo, California. He is 6-7, and weighs 290 pounds. This southpaw also has 14 wins and is 4th in the league with 174 strikeouts. His 3.38 era lands him in the top 10 in that category as well. His 3 complete games is second only to Halliday. Against the Twins this year he is 2-1 with a 1.66 era. This 27 year old goes for his 96th career victory tonight…Carsten Charles Sabathia!


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Was it good enough?

cribbs.jpgGood points John. I wonder was Charlie Frye’s performance good enough to be named the opening week starter this week? I thought Charlie did a good job, particularly his handling of third down situations. He certainly looked comfortable running the offense. And speaking of that it was nice to see Jamal Lewis move the ball on the ground. Did you notice he got most of his yards running to the left side? Makes a lot of sense to me. Thomas did well run blocking, but I thought struggled a bit in pass protection. His man got the sack on Anderson, and on the very next snap he needed double team help to keep Dumervil off Derek. I was less impressed by Derek as everyone else I’ve talked to about the game has been. Sure, he was 7-9 for 74 yards, but I felt he didn’t take enough chances down field, and let’s face it the offense sputtered when he was in the game. Whether that is a result of the play calling, or the defense I’m not sure, but He had another chance to get them in the end zone and failed to get it done.

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At Last . . . A Faint Glimmer

Charlie FryeOk . . . I’m not lining up for playoff tickets or have delusions of a 10 win season or anything, but Last night’s game showed me something that kept my hopes of 8-8 alive. Charile Frye led the Browns offense down the field and scored on a Lewis 1 yard touchdown run. There it is: offensive points and an admirable drive. Frye ended up 5 for 7 with 68 yards passing and 13 yards rushing. All in all a decent start. Lewis had 48 yards on 15 carries with the touchdown. Derek Anderson was 7 for 9 with 74 yards and Brady Quinn was 7 for 11 with 81 yards and a 20 yard touchdown toss to Josh Cribbs. Once again no one stood out as the no doubt starting QB for this squad.

I still have plenty of concerns; like the defense giving up 91 yards on 17 carries to Selvin Young and 54 yards on 11 carries to Cecil Sapp. However, most of that yardage was surrendered in the second half. I am also disappointed by the penalties: 8 penalties for 55 yards. One nullified an interception on the Broncos’ first drive. There were two false start penalties: one on the Brown’s second drive forcing a punt when It appeared they would try to convert a 4th and 2, and the other making 2nd and 4 into 2nd and 9 killing the momentum on another drive.  I also don’t like to see 4 sacks. Continue reading


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