Notes on the Browns before the first pre-season game

Much has happened on the Browns front since the last time I posted on them. Brady Quinn is in camp finally, running the scout team. Let me say this again- Brady Quinn will not start the season. He will eventually start this year. I say that because while I believe that the Browns will be better, they will not make the play-offs, and Quinn will see the field after they are eliminated from play-off contention, if injuries don’t force him on the filed earlier. red_cross_int.gif

The real news is that the injury bug has started biting again. Willie McGinest will need surgery on his back, and will be out for 6 weeks minimum. Eric Steinbach will miss 2 weeks or more with a bruised knee. Matt Stewart is out for the season with a torn labium. Isaac Sowells continues to miss practice with a concussion issue. Orpheus Roye is still weeks away from practicing after his knee surgery. Steinbach is the only one on this list that is irreplaceable in my book. Roye is a close second, but if the Browns are going to really improve this year Eric has to play at a high level. The only more significant injury would be if Jamal Lewis were to go down. In which case, we might as well start Quinn. (No, we shouldn’t!)

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