Another day…another blown opportunity for Tribe

The Yankees came to town and took it to the Tribe 6-1. The only offense the Indians could muster was a solo home run by Barfield. I will admit that Hughes’ curve ball looked tough to handle. It has tremendous action to it- not a big sweeping curve like Shuey would throw, but a quick snapping drop. Meanwhile, A-fausto14.jpgRod hit his 501st home run, 37th of the season, and the Indians have now dropped every game we have played against the Yankees this season.

Fausto wasn’t terrible, but he wasn’t as sharp as we have seen him. He seemed rattled when Rodriguez hit the bomb off of him, giving up consecutive hits to Matsui and Cano. He did get 3 double play grounders in the game, and kept us in it through 6. The Indians honored Larry Doby by wearing number 14. A great gesture- and by the way thank you for removing the nameplates for the game as well. Larry Doby Jr. threw out the first pitch. Having been to the Hall of Fame this past week I have a renewed respect for Doby, something I’ll post about at a later time. More after the break.

Meanwhile in Detroit, they had their hands full with Oakland. The A’s led 3-1 after 2 innings, and 8-1 after 4. Then the Tigers came roaring back (no pun intended) to take a 9-8 lead after the 5th. When I saw that score I thought- great now the Tigers are going to come to life. Final score- Oakland 16, Detroit 10. Talk about a frustrating loss for Detroit fans. What is crazy is that nobody scored a run after the 6th. First 6 innings- 26 runs scored, last 3 a goose egg. So the Indians had a chance to pick up another game on the slumping Tigers and didn’t do it. Next week’s short 2 game series is going to be the who sucks more contest. Wanna bet it is a split?

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