Browns get win…and dominate the Chiefs

The Browns get a win in the first pre-season game of the year. What is good news for Browns fans is not really that we won the game, but that the defense and offensive line quinn1.jpgdominated the Kansas City Chiefs. No, Larry Johnson didn’t play. Brody Croyle, Tony Gonzalez and the rest of the offense did, and the Browns completely dominated that battle. This was good news for the Browns, and should give them a confidence boost. It would have been nice to see them get in the end zone, but overall a solid job. Sorry Quinn fans, Brady saw no action this game. He looked great carrying the clipboard though. I would give the edge in the quarterback battle to Frye. Don’t talk to me about Ken Dorsey. He had a nice drive in the 4th, but he was locked onto one receiver the whole drive, plus he was playing against absolute scrubs. Dorsey is auditioning for another team this pre-season.

I have to tell you about the thing that jumped out at me about this game. I didn’t startart_clev_kosar.jpg watching it from the beginning, and so I missed the introductions of the announcing team. Obviously the play by play guy was Jim Donovan, but I was struggling to figure out who the color guy was. What I realized quickly was that he was awful. Just completely terrible. Then I find out it was Bernie Kosar. Wow! He sounded like a drunk fan. No objectivity at all, and to be honest with you I found him annoying and constantly talking over top of Donovan to say absolutely nothing of importance.

I had always wondered why Michael Irvin and a bunch of crappy guys could get jobs in broadcasting but never heard of Bernie being in line for a job. I always thought he didn’t want to do it, but now I know that he just really sucks at it. Please, for the love of God, don’t let him back in a booth. I’m begging.

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  1. We own the Chiefs.


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