Indians falling apart

I hate the Yankees. I have always hated the Yankees. That 22-0 game a few years back in the Bronx- yeah I loved it. What I really hate is being swept by the Yankees- FOR THE WHOLE STINKIN SEASON!!!

The Indians wake up this morning and see that they are now out of the post-season mix. Unless they wake up and start doing the things that made them near perralta.jpgunbeatable at the beginning of the year, they will once again choke away the division lead, and any chance for the wild card. I seem to remember a team that was patient enough to work walks and get starting pitchers deep into counts. I remember quality at-bats, even if the outcome was eventually an out. I remember guys fouling off pitches to get the one they wanted.

I remember timely hits. I remember that they did all of this with Travis Hafner in a slump. I remember being on top of the league in runs scored. Where has that team gone Mr. Wedge? Why do we have Peralta striking out on three straight pitches? Why is someone not helping Grady with his swing selection? How does a team unravel like this once again? Detroit is coming to town and they feel like it is Christmas. They played absolutely awful for the past month, and they have a half game lead on the Indians. They probably feel like they are going to sweep this two game set, and leave a thank you note for handing them the division.

I don’t know what it is going to take to wake this team up to what they were doing before- because obviously they aren’t getting it from the manager. Do they need another player’s only meeting? Do they need to get in some kind of brawl? I hope that they start getting their act together quick- because the Tigers are starting to get hot again.


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2 responses to “Indians falling apart

  1. I totally agree! I hate the yankees too!

    I have been a tribe fan since 1995 (out in Californina), and losing to the damn yankees, hurts a lot. Who cares, if they are the hottest team since the all-star break. The Indian batters, #1-#9 have got to pick up! How are the Tribe suppose to win if the pitching staffing is doing their best and the hitters…are not putting up runs. If a team doesn’t at least score five to six runs a game…chances are slim, a team will win, even if the pitcher is pitching a great game. Pitching duels are okay…but runs are what tribe fans want to see, in every game, especially at the Jake. Thankfully, it’s only been three games (worst of the season). Hopefully the Tribe hitters will turn the page and starting hitting again, scoring runs and more importantly, when Travis Hafner returns to the lineup…he will return to hitting homeruns, every 10 to 12 at bats. Go Tribe!

  2. rickg15

    Thanks for the comment Robert, the Tribe’s hitting woes are going on about a month now, better turn things around against the Tigers.

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