Tribe bats awaken (a little)


franklin.jpgThank you Gutierrez. A two run shot in the second, (on a full count no less, with two outs even) gave the Tribe a lead and helped Carmona settle down. Fausto pitched superbly again, striking out ten Tigers en route to his 14th win of the season. The 3-5 hitters went 3-8 tonight with a double, triple and 2 runs batted in. I refuse to give Wedge credit for this ‘discovery’ as most fans have been calling for Sizemore to hit third for about two years. Tell me it isn’t intimidating to see Grady, Victor, Hafner, and Garko sandwiched together.

One other thing to point out tonight- in the eighth inning with one run in and Granderson on third Fasuto struck out Thames. What was impressive was the way they set up that strike out. fausto5.jpgAfter getting ahead 2 strikes Victor calls for the breaking ball down and away. He didn’t just call for it, he made a huge commotion to set up out there. Ball is way low and outside, Thames doesn’t offer. Count is now 1-2. Victor calls for the same pitch, this time he sets up right behind the plate and Fausto delivers the exact same pitch to the same location. Thames, thinking the ball was supposed to be on the plate whiffs mightily. Fausto gets the punch-out, then gets Sheffield to line to short, and Magglio to foul out. Masterful job boys. Now let’s build on this. Go to Tampa and sweep these guys. Let the Tigers and Yankess battle for three games before we see Detroit again.

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One response to “Tribe bats awaken (a little)

  1. John

    It was nice to see a little offense. Too bad we couldn’t pick up that half game with the Tigers beating the Yankees last night.

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