Two games, two teams heading in different directions

quinn3.jpgI write this while watching the Browns getting handled by the Lions, and the Indians beat up the Rays. (Thank you picture in picture, and thanks to John for running the ship the last two days.) The Indians look a lot more like a playoff team today. The Browns just scored their first offensive touchdown of the preseason. Jason Wright ran one in with 11:00 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. To say the Browns have looked sloppy is an insult to sloppy. They are getting false start penalties, fumbling, throwing balls high to be intercepted, missing tackles…you know just like the Browns have since they returned to the league.

cabrera.jpgFor the Tribe, Westbrook has looked good again, Cabrera hit his first home run, and the Tribe has 12 hits through seven innings for 6 runs. Lofton, Sizemore, Peralta, and Garko all have two hits so far.


The real story for the Browns right now is Brady Quinn, who is making his first appearance as I type this….screen pass for 29 yards. Second play a dump pass to Barclay for a few yards. Third play complete to Dinkins. Fourth play complete for a first down. 52 yards passing already. Fifth play complete to Steptoe, though it was on a deflection. Sixth play he tried to force one in, and a nice play to break up an interception. Next pass…Touchdown to E. Hill.

Yeah, it was exciting, but it was against the third and fourth string defense. Meanwhile the Tribe scored 2 more, Indians 8 Tampa Bay 1. The Browns are down 23-13. I can already hear the cries for Quinn to start. Is that really a good idea? Do we really want him out there week 1? Is he the best man we have?quinn2.jpg Does he give us the best chance to win? These are questions that Savage and Crennel are paid big money to answer. My opinion is no, let him sit a while. I don’t think that he gives us the best chance to beat the Steelers week 1. Maybe in week 10 when we play them again, but not the first week.

The Indians look great, and will go up a game and a half on Detroit with the Tigers’ loss today to New York. The Browns look like they have a lot of work to do. Let’s hope the Indians give us reason to cheer in October, as the Browns might be scuffling then.

(Just as an aside, Bernie Kosar still stinks as an announcer. He is very knowledgeable, but just awful to listen to.)

Final line on Quinn- 13 out of 20 for 155 yards and 2 touchdowns. 8 of those completions were to running backs on check downs and the one screen pass. 2 completions were to tight ends, again middle of the field against soft zone coverage. He took what the defense gave him, and effectively operated the 2 minute offense for a touchdown. I’d like to see him against some better competition. Maybe we will next week.


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3 responses to “Two games, two teams heading in different directions

  1. jbeanie

    Hey, first of all, glad I found your page. Second, I still don’t know if Brady should start but to answer your question “is he the best man we have?” The answer is an solid yes. Anderson hasn’t won a game as a starter and Frye wasn’t even good at Akron. If neither of them can establish themself as a quality starting NFL quarterback, then why not give the job to Quinn. He’s not going to learn anything from either of those guys. I do want to see him play against first team defenses in the next two preseason games before anything though.

  2. rickg15

    Appreciate the comment. I am certainly thinking that Brady is the best QB we have, but I really don’t know that he gives us the best chance to win right away. There are so many other variables, and knowing the blitz packages that Pittsburgh will send at him, I just think Frye should get that start since he has seen these packages before.
    It has been argued that Frye doesn’t have any more experience in Chud’s system than Quinn, but he has worked with the starters throughout camp, which is a big advantage over Brady in the system.
    Hope you check back with us through the season. Keep the comments coming too!

  3. jbeanie

    Frye’s seen the blitzes, seen the defense, seen it all, and what does he have to show for it. Three losses and only one was even close. I like Frye. I want to see the Akron kid do well but he’s not a winning quarterback.

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