Dear Fausto, I’m sorry

fausto5.jpgSomeone needs to say it right? You have been spectacular since the All-Star break and have a 4-4 record to show for it. Your era is below 2.00 during that span. Tonight you gave up only three hits. Two of them went for homers, even though one of them was clearly fan interference. Before that inning began the radio announcers made sure everyone knew that you had a perfect game going. I’m sorry about that. Apparently the didn’t think that telling the audience you “set down every hitter”, “faced the minimum”, “hadn’t allowed a base-runner”, and “hadn’t even allowed a walk” was enough. So they went ahead and said you were working on a perfect game, breaking the unwritten rule about talking about a no-hitter or perfecto.

And I’m sorry about your hitters. I know, they got one hit off a guy who was at AA less than two weeks ago. It wasn’t even the first time we faced him, which of course always gives us trouble. You wanted this game very badly, and I thank you for that. We see your desire, we know that you are giving your best effort every start. Thank you and please keep doing that. Someday the team might string together some hits when you pitch, and actually score a few runs. I’m sorry you didn’t get a complete game tonight. You had only thrown 77 pitches after 8 innings.

I’m sorry that you and C.C. are having career years, and the team could easily miss the playoffs. I’m sorry that Tropicana Field had louder Indians fans than Jacob’s field. I’m sorry that fans from Boston, Detroit, and New York neutralize any home field advantage you have when you pitch at home. I’m sorry if the meals they serve aren’t what you want. I’m sorry for anything you want me to be sorry about. Please keep pitching the way you have been, and please don’t leave as soon as you can. We’re going to need you more than ever after next season.

the fans


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4 responses to “Dear Fausto, I’m sorry

  1. John

    Hard to add to that. It is absurd that C.C. and Fausto don’t have 18 wins by now.

  2. Took the words right out of my mouth.

    Although, I believe that it is called a complete game, because he pitched all the possible innings. Same thing happened to Beckett when he lost 1-0 to Fausto and pitched 8 full.

    Also, gotta give it up to that kid Jurjjens, he pitched a gem.

    Am I not broken up because I’ve resigned myself to the fact that we aren’t making the playoffs?

  3. Not to keep on harping on how we suck and all, but why is Nixon playing? Did you see him BOUNCE a throw from medium right-center field to 2nd base last night? That’s a sure run if not for a fluke liner to Lofton to double up Granderson. That guy needs to not be in the league anymore. I’d rather have Gutierrez not hitting, but playing the outfield than Nixon not hitting and screwing things up.

    I feel better.

  4. rickg15

    Glad you feel better. I often do after a good rant.

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