100 Reasons I’m Pumped About the Buckeyes Season…part 1

Here are some things about the upcoming season that get me all tingly.

  • No stickers on the helmet for the first game. I’m a Uni-nerd. The stickers just do it for me.
  • # 33 James Laurinaitis. Stepped in last year and made a seamless transition from A.J. Hawk. And that was no easy feat.
  • This YouTube video.
  • The dorks up north didn’t fire Lloyd Carr.
  • The Sweater Vest. (I think it is really awesome! I have a few myself.)
  • Kirk Herbstreit on College Gameday. Why don’t NFL pregame shows take some notes.
  • Knowing that even though so many of those guys in the video are playing on Sundays, we will reload and be just as dangerous as ever!
  • Yeah, this YouTube video too.
  • My Ohio State jersey.
  • 2001 Ohio State 26 michigan 20, Tressel’s first game and win against that team up north.
  • #28 Chris Wells. Power and even more speed this year. http://mvn.com/ncaa-ohiostate/
  • I live closer to Columbus now, and so I’ll be able to see games almost all the games (stupid Big Ten network) and tons of post, and pre game stuff.
  • Watching the Laurinaitis fans dress like Animal.
  • Script Ohio.
  • New season, new OSU hoodie? Why not!
  • O-H
  • Alex Boone, Kirk Barton, Steve Rehring, Ben Person, and Jim Cordle (the offensive line) They are going to plow open holes for Wells all season long.
  • How about only 1 senior starting on the defensive side of the ball? This group is talented and young.
  • Todd Boeckman. Time to see what he is made of.
  • 2002 Ohio State 14 michigan 9. Jim Tressel’s 2nd win in 2 tries against the losers from Annie Arbor.
  • The Tunnel of Pride. Awesome to see all these former studs cheering on the current team.
  • Alright, this YouTube video (loved the second one)
  • Watching the Buckeyes destroy other Ohio teams like Akron.
  • Watching teams like Akron go to a 4 wide spread from the opening kick-off because you know you have no chance to run the ball. I call it pulling a Bowling Green.
  • “And now a report from the sidelines, what do you got for us JK?” (As an aside, I think that we need to keep track of the dumbest sideline reports from Jim Karsatos all year. We could vote for one each game and have a tournament before the Bowl game. It’ll be fun.)
  • With that line, and Chris Wells’ power and speed, could Eddie’s single game record be in jeopardy?
  • Tressel is 4-2 in Bowl Games.
  • Skull sessions.
  • Woody impersonators.
  • October 27th, going back to Happy Valley and stomping Penn State, a little payback.
  • Illibuck trophy. Yeah, it’s ours again this year.
  • Buckeye grove. I’m so planting a Buckeye tree in my yard this year!
  • A repeat winner of the Bronko Nagurski trophy- Laurinaitis.
  • Yeah, I got another video for you.
  • Remember when we beat Notre Dame really bad in the Fiesta Bowl? Yeah me too.
  • November 3rd, Wisconsin has to come to us. I hate Camp Randall.
  • The Captain’s Breakfast. They could sell this as a pay-per-view event. You’d buy it. So would I.
  • Devon Torrence. I want to see what the young kid can do.
  • Gold Pants charms. ‘Nuff said.
  • Even Tressel wants an autograph.


  • 66 first round picks in the NFL draft. Most. Ever.
  • 2004 Ohio State 37 michigan 21 Jim Tressel’s 3rd victory over the ground hogs in 4 attempts.
  • Since 1935 THE GAME has determined the Big Ten champion 21 times. That includes last year.
  • Tressel’s winning percentage is higher than Woody’s or Paul Brown’s at OSU.
  • Awesome websites like the Buckeye sites in the Blogroll. Check ’em out.
  • Scarlet and Gray. Not red, not crimson, Scarlet.
  • Did you know that the team record for Kick-off returns for a TD in a career is only 2? That could fall.
  • Speaking of them, how about another video?
  • Ohio State football parties. Much better than Browns parties. (We usually win.)
  • They play in the fall. I love the fall. I love wearing a sweatshirt outside and being comfortable.
  • How about our speed coach is someone named Butch Reynolds. Yeah, like Gold and Silver Olympic medal winning Butch Reynolds.
  • The team singing Carmen Ohio after each win.
  • 2005 Ohio State 25 michigan 21 Tressel’s 4th win over SCum and 2nd win in their crappy stadium!
  • In 2003, a judge in Columbus allowed Jeff Renne, an inmate charged with forgery, to stay in a local jail so that he could watch the 100th game between OSU and Michigan. Renne told the judge that he would plead guilty as long as he could stay in jail for the weekend and watch the game before he was relocated to a prison. That’s a fan, a felon, but a fan.
  • Every year we play THE GAME it is one more year since that stupid tie that saved Cooper’s job for a spell.
  • Brutus up for the Mascot Hall of Fame this year. Vote for him.


  • Vernon Gholston. Stronger than an ox. Speaking of strong…
  • The next Heisman Trophy candidate from OSU. (Man is he ripped! How do you tackle him?!?!)



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5 responses to “100 Reasons I’m Pumped About the Buckeyes Season…part 1

  1. Am I less manly because I got choked up watching highlights from The Game of last season?

  2. rickg15

    No sir. If you had said you got choked up while shopping, then you would be less manly. If you had gotten choked up listening to Bette Midler, then you would be less manly. If you had gotten choked up watching a video of Boy George Behind the Music, you would most certainly be less manly, but…

    If you get choked up while watching a video that stirs within the heart of Buckeye Nation, how can that be less manly? I ask you to remember the circumstances surrounding THE GAME on its biggest stage. Remember the hype, remember that networks were talking about the potential match-ups for 4 or 5 weeks. Picture in your mind where you were watching when Troy Smith did his bull impersonation during warm-ups. Remember the sheer excitement watching Wells burst through the line, when it seemed he would be brought down for a loss. Think about the guts it took for Tressel to allow the play-action bomb to Ginn.
    Remember the feeling when that clock winded down, and victory, in the most important and significant chapter of the rivalry was finished.
    If that doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, think of Woody and Bo watching the game together. And I’m sure Woody sucker-punched Bo to give us victory. I…I…I think I’m welling up…

  3. That was an impressive list. Thanks for posting it.

    And an extra thanks for using my video (2nd one, to the tune of “My Hero”).

  4. I couldn’t get a ticket to the game, because I’m no longer a student, and don’t have several thousand dollars just laying around the house. However, my friend visited from out of town (and has never been to a real college football game) and we attached ourselves to a tailgate right outside the stadium. we heard the stadium roar 3 seconds before we saw it on TV (thank God for over-the-air HD).

    With about a minute and a half to go, they opened the gates and let people in. I wish I could have been there for the entire game, but when I walked in and saw the entire stadium in red – I had goosebumps.

    I’ll have a similar site in two (three) years when Antonio Henton leads us to the national championship.

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