Well, the Indians did their job…

Tonight the Tribe had 17 hits, and scored 9 runs. They jumped out to an early lead, and held on for the win. Now in my pre-game post I asked for the offense to get Carmona his win, but what I didn’t realize is that Laffey was pitching tonight. vmarthomer.jpgSo Laffey gets all the offense, which pretty much followed form, as the fifth starter and Byrd seem to get all the run support. I also asked for them to pick up the game they dropped last night. That wish was granted when the Yankees beat the Tigers 7-2. So the lead is back up to 2.5 games, and the Tribe has Carmona pitching tomorrow (I promise this time.)

Victor had a big night, going 3-5 with 2 doubles and a home run. Sizemore also doubled and hit one out. The line-up tonight was interesting, with Sizemore leading off, followed by Cabrera (why not?) Hafner in the three spot, Victor hitting clean-up, then Garko, Peralta, Gutierrez, Lofton, and Blake. Garko was the only regular without a hit. Not sure about this line-up, can’t really judge it on a game where everyone beat the cover off the ball. I don’t mind giving Cabrera a shot at the two. He can’t do much worse than what we have been trotting out there lately. The relief pitchers finally got a chance to throw, and showed a little rust. Mastny got touched up in the ninth for a couple, even though most of that was due to defensive indifference.

The rumor mill is in full gear as the Braves are in the process of releasing Bob Wickman. Personally, I don’t think this is a move the Tribe really needs to make. Honestly Borowski probably equals a healthy Wickman. I don’t believe he is healthy however, as he has battled back and shoulder soreness. Now, if the Braves were wanting to get rid of Chipper Jones, then I’d be excited.

I’ll have my Browns comments soon, they didn’t quite fulfill all my pre-game desires, but they did better tonight than last week by far.


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4 responses to “Well, the Indians did their job…

  1. The next four games will tell us a lot about how badly this team wants it.

    First, you can’t afford a letdown against KC (not with Carmona on the hill).

    Then you have a three-game set against Minnesota, who has managed to sneak up on us while we’re all paying attention to Detroit. Minny is only 5.5 games back. We HAVE to win 2 or 3, or sweep the Twins. With Byrd, Westbrook, and Sabathia on the hill, I like our chances of winning two…but Sabathia is dueling against Santana.

    Win three of the next four, and we’re in good shape to win the Central. Anything less is a problem.

  2. rickg15

    Good take Jeff, you always have to win series in your division. We’ve got two series left against the Twins, this week and next. I’d say even if we split those games with Minnesota we shouldn’t have to worry about them. Now if we go 3-3 against the Twins that gives the Tigers a chance to catch up though, so let’s look for 4-2. Of course right now I would just like to see the offense show up for consecutive games!

  3. Rick–

    I finally made it over here.

    I hear you about Wickman, but let me ask you this question. If you can get him to accept a lesser role…who would you rather have come into a game…

    Tom Mastny, or Bob Wickman?…plus…you have a guy that can fill in for Dos Rafael if they pitch back to back double innings…like today…

    Nice site…glad I caught it…

    going to add it to the Horseshoe, the Report…and the Cavs over at MVN…well done.

  4. rickg15

    Thanks James, I guess I don’t see Wickman as accepting that role, or maybe would Wedge accept that role for him? I could see Wedge changing the way he uses the Rafaels which would be terrible. Would he be a clubhouse distraction or trouble? I honestly don’t think Kenny is fitting in here that well. He seems to be sulking to me.
    Maybe I’m wrong, but we still don’t know what it would take to bring him here.

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