At Last . . . A Faint Glimmer

Charlie FryeOk . . . I’m not lining up for playoff tickets or have delusions of a 10 win season or anything, but Last night’s game showed me something that kept my hopes of 8-8 alive. Charile Frye led the Browns offense down the field and scored on a Lewis 1 yard touchdown run. There it is: offensive points and an admirable drive. Frye ended up 5 for 7 with 68 yards passing and 13 yards rushing. All in all a decent start. Lewis had 48 yards on 15 carries with the touchdown. Derek Anderson was 7 for 9 with 74 yards and Brady Quinn was 7 for 11 with 81 yards and a 20 yard touchdown toss to Josh Cribbs. Once again no one stood out as the no doubt starting QB for this squad.

I still have plenty of concerns; like the defense giving up 91 yards on 17 carries to Selvin Young and 54 yards on 11 carries to Cecil Sapp. However, most of that yardage was surrendered in the second half. I am also disappointed by the penalties: 8 penalties for 55 yards. One nullified an interception on the Broncos’ first drive. There were two false start penalties: one on the Brown’s second drive forcing a punt when It appeared they would try to convert a 4th and 2, and the other making 2nd and 4 into 2nd and 9 killing the momentum on another drive.  I also don’t like to see 4 sacks.

Brady Quinn looked decent again, but again in the second half aginst the Broncos’ subs. I would really like to see him get a chance, even if it’s only one drive, with the starters on the field.

Winslow and Edwards had o.k. showings when they weren’t being flagged for false starts, and Edwards is still dropping too many. Another bright spot: NO turnovers for the Browns. That makes me


Let’s review: A great game? No, a preseason game, but with positive elements that bring hope. A standout starting Quarterback? No, we still have yet to see a Browns QB step up and difinitively declare himself the number one guy. The Browns in the playoffs this season? NO, 8-8 is possible, and truthfully, that would make me happy.

One more Preseason game to go at Chicago on Thursday. I’ll be looking for even more growth and for one man to step up and lead this young offense into week one.


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2 responses to “At Last . . . A Faint Glimmer

  1. In the third quarter, Quinn played against the first team starters, and that’s when he almost got another touchdown to Joe Jurevicious.

  2. John

    Thanks for that. I had to go to work and didn’t get to see the second half.

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