Was it good enough?

cribbs.jpgGood points John. I wonder was Charlie Frye’s performance good enough to be named the opening week starter this week? I thought Charlie did a good job, particularly his handling of third down situations. He certainly looked comfortable running the offense. And speaking of that it was nice to see Jamal Lewis move the ball on the ground. Did you notice he got most of his yards running to the left side? Makes a lot of sense to me. Thomas did well run blocking, but I thought struggled a bit in pass protection. His man got the sack on Anderson, and on the very next snap he needed double team help to keep Dumervil off Derek. I was less impressed by Derek as everyone else I’ve talked to about the game has been. Sure, he was 7-9 for 74 yards, but I felt he didn’t take enough chances down field, and let’s face it the offense sputtered when he was in the game. Whether that is a result of the play calling, or the defense I’m not sure, but He had another chance to get them in the end zone and failed to get it done.

Quinn looked good. His first drive did come with the starting unit, both for the Browns and the Broncos (at least some of the starters were in there.) He was efficient and drove the team down the field, getting a TD. The best passes he threw were the pass over the middle to Winslow, and the beautiful pass to J.J. in the end zone that was ruled out of bounds. I’m not sure if he was out or not, but don’t you need to challenge there? I can’t believe Crennel didn’t try to get that called reversed. Quinn and the offense struggled once the first unit left. Travis ‘hands of stone’ Wilson dropped two or three passes that he absolutely should have caught. Those were drive killers.

On the defensive side I was kind of disappointed. We held them in check for the first half, but I really don’t know how much of that was our defense and how much was terrible execution in their passing game. We had no pressure on Cutler. None. I believe that our secondary is really good this year, but you can’t give a QB that much time, someone will get open. Eric Wright whiffed on one tackle, but then came up to stop a sweep later in the game, I’ll give him a B or so for his game.

I’m curious to see if Schaffer has any lingering effects from that concussion. We need him in there in my opinion. And when Steinbach comes back that left side is going to be tough.

Anyone know what Winslow did to find Crennel’s doghouse? He didn’t come into the game until the second quarter, then promptly had a false start penalty. Not the way to make up to your coach. He did catch everything near him, including that nice pass over the middle from Quinn.

I’d say this was a positive game for us, we got some things done offensively against one of the better defenses in the league. We didn’t stop the run much, and that was without even facing Travis Henry who will be Denver’s go to back. We put ourselves in a position to win the game, and pulled this one out. I’ll take it. Especially against Denver.

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One response to “Was it good enough?

  1. Not sure what Cleveland’s soldier did to get in the doghouse, but it’s a safe bet he’s not following orders all the time.

    Quinn looks to have a nice touch on his throws and is clearly the best QB in the bunch to these eyes, despite his lack of time in camp.

    He won’t be on the bench for long.

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