Advantage- Sabathia!

Sweet sweep! The Tribe beat Santana for the 4th time this season, in the process they get C.C. his 15th win. Sabathia wasn’t perfect, but labored and got the plays when he needed them. There were some nice defensive plays by Garko, Martinez, and Sabathia. Plus the Boy Wonder, Cabrera, played a good shortstop, and hit a two run homer off Santana in the first. Victor also homered in the 1st, and Lofton singled home a run as the Tribe batted around in the first. That would be all the runs we would need. Sabathia pitched 6 innings, giving up 2 runs, Jenson Lewis pitched a scoreless inning, Betancourt gave up a run in his inning, and Borowski got the save without surrendering a run.


The Tribe banged out 10 hits, all against Santana. Can’t remember the last time I saw that happen to Johan. The win pushed the lead over the Twins to 8.5 games, which should eliminate them, though we play three against them next week. Anything less than a sweep, and they can kiss the division goodbye. As I write this the Royals are beating the Tigers 5-0 in the 8th. If they hang on, that pushes the lead over Detroit to 4.5. That gives us a little breathing room. Detroit is in serious trouble of missing the wild card, as a loss moves them 3 games behind in that race.


Two things to ponder- do you remember a season when our starting pitchers went as deep into games as these guys do? We have 102 games in which our starter has gone 6 innings or more. Are you kidding me? That is fantastic. The other thing is Cabrera. How does this kid figure into the mix for next season? Does he push for the shortstop job? Could Peralta make the move to third? Is he a bat you want at third? I’d like to see Blake to be a utility guy. What about Barfield? Are we giving up on Marte? I guess this will make for interesting discussion in the winter. Right now, let’s go beat the Mariners, then get ready for the White Sux.


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3 responses to “Advantage- Sabathia!

  1. I think that’s the end of the Twins for this season’s playoff run. They came in thinking that they might get a sweep and only be 2.5 games out of the Central, and now they’re in the graveyeard at 8.5.

    Good to see some run support for CC, how bad did he deserve his 15th for the 4th time.

  2. I believe it’s all under our own control now. We don’t need to concern ourselves with what the Tigers or Twins are doing anymore….here’s why.

    The Indians have 9 more series to play (and a 1-game make up tonight). If they don’t lose a single series (win the 3-gamers, at least tie the 4-gamers), they’ve locked it up.

    – Win tonight against Seattle.
    – Win 2 of 3 against Chicago, Minnesota, Chicago, Kansas City, Detroit, Oakland, and Kansas City.
    – Split a 4-game series against Los Angeles, Seattle.

    This is not that hard to do, and it would give us a 19-11 record down the stretch, finishing us at 94-68.

    In order to tie us, Detroit would have to go 23-6 the rest of the way. Ain’t no way that’s gonna happen for the Motor City Kitties.

    So there it is, Indians. Win or tie every series the rest of the way.

  3. Yeah, I agree. At 4.5 our destiny is in our own hands. That’s the part that scares me.

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