C.C. vs Santana…let’s get it on!

First off- I’m pumped that the Tribe has kept winning, and especially that we took the first two games in this series. That makes this match-up tonight more fun to watch, because honestly we all wanted 2 of 3 from Minnesota. Now that we have that, we can enjoy this even more.IN THE GREY CORNER- from Tovar, Venezula. Standing 6 feet tall and weighing 208 pounds. A dominating left hander with 2 CY Young Awards to his credit. He is 6th in the American League in wins with 14, and second in strike outs with 198. His era of 2.97 ranks him 2nd in the A.L. Against the Indians this year he is 0-3, with a 3.67 era. Quite possibly the best pitcher of the decade…Johan Santana…


AND IN THE WHITE CORNER- from Vallejo, California. He is 6-7, and weighs 290 pounds. This southpaw also has 14 wins and is 4th in the league with 174 strikeouts. His 3.38 era lands him in the top 10 in that category as well. His 3 complete games is second only to Halliday. Against the Twins this year he is 2-1 with a 1.66 era. This 27 year old goes for his 96th career victory tonight…Carsten Charles Sabathia!


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