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Buckeyes feast on Golden Gopher

So when the game first came on, Mrs. Adjustment said “Are the Buckeyes playing the McDonald’s All-Americans?” How would you answer that?


“No, that’s Minnesota. I’m not sure they have any former high school All-Americans.”

The Buckeyes made short work of the Gophers, beating them 37-7 at the Dome yesterday. If you listen to Minnesota coach Tim Brewster, he thinks his club was in it the whole game. He spoke in particular about a sequence in the second quarter where the Buckeyes intercepted a pass and then scored a TD of their own a few plays later.

Said Brewster, “It’s one of those things that could’ve changed the game — 14-14 right there,” Weber said. “Who knows what would’ve happened?”

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Sabathia wins 19th

You may have noticed a lack of Indian’s posts lately. This was not a lack of interest by Halftime Adjustments in watching the Tribe, but rather a lack of decent things to report about them. The past few games have looked like split squad spring training games. The Tribe has been resting players (which it needed to do) but the guys who have been out there just seem to be on autopilot. Honestly, I can’t say as I blame them.


Sure I could blast Joe Borowski for his consecutive blown saves. I could point out that he was dangerously close to another one last night. But I’ve talked at length about my trouble with Borowski before, and it isn’t going to do any good to bring it up 3 days before the play offs begin. I still maintain that Borowski will probably cost us a game in the post season, let’s just hope that game doesn’t cost them a series. Continue reading

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Cavaliers Add A Matrix????

With rumors of Shawn Marion wanting out in Phoenix, every fan of every NBA team is dreaming of what an asset Marion can add to their team. Especially fans of the defending Eastern Conference Champs, Cleveland Cavaliers.


Considering Cavaliers GM Danny Ferry has not done much of anything (only getting rid of Scott Pollard) during this off-season, it is fun to dream what could happen. Having hoped for the Cavs to land Mike Bibby since last February, now there is a new hope; Shawn Marion. This would give Cleveland another legitimate scorer, rebounder, contributor and a great asset to LeBron James. Teams would no longer be able to sit back and wait on LeBron if there were another player such as Marion wearing the Wine and Gold. Continue reading

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New Contributor to Halftime Adjustments

Halftime Adjustments is thrilled to introduce you to our newest writer- Pat Glasser! We’ve known Pat for many years now, and I can assure you that he is passionate about sports like the rest of us. Pat’s area of expertise is in basketball. A former college baller, Pat knows the inner workings of the game better than most. We look forward to his insight and commentary! Here’s his bio, which can also be found on the ‘About Halftime Adjustments’ page. Look for Pat’s first article today!

“Much like Rick and John I also grew up in the Akron area. I will claim my town…I hail from Barberton, OH. Home of Fried Chicken and former Olympic gold medalist, Glenn “Jeep” Davis.

To say I have always been a Cleveland fan would be a lie. Being some what of a front runner during hard times in Cleveland sports, I understand now the importance of rooting for the home team. The Browns, Indians, Cavaliers, and Buckeyes are a passion of mine now. I drive myself nuts, queasy and insane following these teams that I love. My fanatic attitude drives me to annoy others including my wife.

I live for Saturday’s watching the Buckeyes; getting an opportunity to watch the Tribe, Browns and Cavaliers and Buckeyes hoops team bring home a championship to Ohio and the Cleveland area.

4 things in my life I know I couldn’t live without; my relationship with my Creator, my wife, my family and sports. Having an opportunity to share with others about the great aura of Cleveland and Ohio State sports is a dream come true.

I am honored Rick and John invited me to join in sharing frustrations, rants, complaints and bringing fan’s a perspective from another fan!”

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Tribe, Mariners finish what they started…in April!

Yep. Fausto will do that to you.


Fausto Carmona won his 19th game, as the Tribe rolled to a 12-4 victory in the first game of a double header with the Mariners. It was probably the last game Carmona will pitch in the regular season. If it is, he has most certainly won the era title. He has come a long way from his disastrous ’06 campaign, but that has been well documented already. If you are looking for the reason the Indians have claimed the A.L. Central title, it is hard to look past Fausto. Sure, C.C. may win the Cy Young, and I’m not taking anything away from Sabathia, but nothing was expected from Carmona. Truth is if you asked who might win 19 games other than Sabathia, most Tribe fans would have answered Westbrook. The others would have said Cliff Lee. Nobody would have said Fausto. This kid picked up the team and became a force. Continue reading

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One on One with…the Buckeye Battle Cry! Part 1

From time to time (read= whenever it strikes our fancy) Halftime Adjustments will go one on one with another blogger or athlete. Today we match wits with Jeff from the Buckeye Battle Cry.

Halftime Adjustments- Hey Jeff thanks for agreeing to talk with our readers today, let’s get right into it. You are obviously a big Buckeye fan, where did you grow up?

BBC- Born and raised in Canton, Ohio. I drifted a little bit (NYC, LA, Knoxville) but Canton is home.

HA- So you’re from Canton, have you been to the Hall of Fame?


BBC- LOL. More than you know. I was their paper boy for five years. Used to make it last on the route so I could tour the place after the delivery was finished. Continue reading

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Indians top Mariners…Martinez leaves game with bruised knee

Joe Borowski blew a save, but the Indians came back to win 4-3 in 12 innings.


You might notice that Kelly Shoppach is giving the first pound to Rafael Betancourt here, instead of Victor. Well, Kelly didn’t start the game. Victor, in fact, had the big hit of the night, a three run homer in the first inning of Mariners’ fireballer Felix Hernandez. But Martinez left the game in the eighth inning after fouling a ball of his knee. Early word on Victor is that he will be able to pitch one of the two games that are part of Wednesday’s double dip. Continue reading

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Art Modell, most hated owner in sports

This comes as no surprise to anyone who follows the Browns. ESPN’s page 2 came out with a list of the most hated owners in all of sports. That Art Modell came in first is not a surprise to me, the surprise was that he wasn’t second and thrid as well.

Former Cavs owner Ted Stepien came in 18th. Congratulations Ted! And speking of hated Cavs…the same author rated Jim Paxson the 13th hated GM in sports history. Nice to see the Cavs well represented on the list.

For the coaches- Bill Belichick made the list at #2 for his performance in Cleveland, and Butch Davis was ranked 17th. Again, these are not surprises.

So what do we learn from these lists? Well, our angst is primarily targeted at the Browns and Cavs apparently. I wonder why the Indians got a pass for the 70’s and 80’s? Oh and by the way, John Cooper is fortunate that this list is limited to pro sports.

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Antonio Henton arrested…

Ohio State freshman QB Antonio Henton was arrested Monday night on charges of soliciting a prostitute, the Columbus Dispatch is reporting. Henton pleaded not guilty to the charge and is being released on a $2500 bond. Henton was caught by the Columbus vice squad on a sting. I can’t imagine this ending well for Antonio.

So the obvious question is what does this mean for his future at Ohio State? He has been suspended from the team indefinitely. I’d be stunned if Antonio set foot on the field the rest of the season, and is certainly in jeopardy of being cut from the team. Jim Tressel had this to say about the situation-

“It’s a great disappointment for our Buckeye football family, and we are very concerned for Antonio,” Tressel said in a statement. “We want to help him utilize any available resources, including counseling, to deal with any problems and seek solutions. Antonio is keenly aware of the standard we have for ourselves, and that makes this even more disappointing. Antonio will not lose any academic privileges as an Ohio State student, but he will certainly be suspended indefinitely in terms of his athletic privileges. Specifically in the short term, he will not be traveling with us to Minnesota this weekend.”

UPDATE: Video of Jim Tressel’s press conference about this situation and the Minnesota game available at Bucknuts.

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Tribe, Cleveland celebrate division championship

No more magic number…

The Cleveland Indians officially won the 2007 Central Division Championship on Sunday, beating the Oakland A’s 6-2 before a sellout crowd, their last home game of the regular season. It was the first time since 2001 that the Indians have won the title. And there was much rejoicing in Cleveland.

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Tribe goes for division clinch today

The magic number…

The number was reduced with a Detroit loss yesterday. Nobody wants to clinch on a loss, so here’s hoping the Tribe bounces back and takes the series today. Jake Westbrook has the ball for the good guys. This might be a good indication of what Jake will do with a little pressure on him. We will need him to be solid in the playoffs. Go Tribe!

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Ohio State dominates…Chris Wells injured

It was the kind of thing you hate to see happen in a blowout win. RB Chris Wells went limping to the sideline during the Buckeyes first possession of the second half, leading 45-7. He did not return to the game, but Tressel’s report after the game was that Chris could have returned to the game, but wasn’t needed. Whew.

As for the game, it was over long before Wells limped off the field. The Buckeyes came out of the tunnel and absolutely dismantled the under-powered Wildcats. In all fairness to Northwestern, their best player, Ohio native and star running back Tyrell Sutton was a pre-game scratch. The rest of the offense was a scratch too, they just didn’t know it. The Ohio State defense knocked them into next week. Already up 7-0 on touchdown pass from Boeckman to Robiskie, James Lauriniatis made his presence known with a sack on third and eight. The offense would score again in three plays on yet another TD pass to Robiskie. Continue reading


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Throwing a penalty flag on The Big Lead

Full disclosure first- I read The Big Lead. I’ve linked to the Big Lead. They even threw us a bone once with a link back to a Michigan post John wrote. But I have to call a foul. On two occasions in the past 10 days The Big Lead has ran posts that were nothing more than sensationalism, written to elicit comments and start rumors. The first had to do with a “University in Pennsylvania” that was allegedly about to suspend a number of its football players for a “Duke Lacrosse type situation.” It turns out the story didn’t come out until three days later, and involved members of the Millersville University football team. Of course there was much speculation as to who the team in question was going to be. To TBL’s credit they did say up front that Penn State and the major schools weren’t involved. So when they said Duke Lacrosse type situation, did they mean the nature of the crime, or that reports would come before facts were straight? Continue reading

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Running down the dream…

The magic number…

What I especially liked about tonight’s win over Oakland was the workman like way the Tribe approached the game. There could have been a letdown. Big series sweep, then a day off? Yeah, that’s a recipe for a trap game. But Fausto and the Indians handled their business and came away with the W. It was Carmona’s 18th for the season. He pitched well, though he gave up more walks than usual, which led to a higher pitch count early. He finished the sixth inning, giving up 5 hits, 1 run, striking out 7, and walking 4. A bigger story tonight might be that Rafael Perez gave up 2 runs. I guess he’s human after all. Continue reading

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Calm down people…calm down

While checking my blog stats tonight I noticed a trend in my search engine hits. People were searching for ‘Brandon Saine surgery’ or ‘Brandon Saine knee injury’. This of course led me to discussion boards that had Saine getting every conceivable knee operation possible. Timetables for his return were 3 weeks to out for the season. Again- these were message boards and not actual reports! So I searched for the real story.

The story as it has been reported by the Columbus Dispatch, is that Brandon is questionable for Northwestern with an undisclosed injury that he suffered last week. He was not injured at practice on Monday, like a rumor I saw.

This morning however, (Saturday) I found this article in the Dayton Daily News (thanks to Men of the Scarlett and Grey). It sounds like Brandon may be out a few weeks, this according to his mother. I’m a little surprised that Tressel wouldn’t have been a little more forthcoming on this matter. He had nothing to gain by being secretive. Of course, maybe he did it to protect the family from a media circus. Regardless, we shouldn’t need brandon to beat Northwestern. Get well soon though.

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