NFL News and Notes

frye.jpgThe Browns have announced that Charlie Frye will be the starter for the Pittsburgh game. Crennel said that Frye give the team the best chance to win against the Steelers. Hmmm…I think I said something pretty similar about a month ago. Seriously, I don’t many people that believed anyone but Frye would start this game. What was interesting to me is that Crennel said the QB situation will be evaluated on a week by week basis. Wow. That’s kind of brutal isn’t it? Better not have a mediocre game…that hook is coming if you do. Romeo also failed to mention who was going to be the second string QB. Let me end the suspense…if the Browns are getting shelled, Quinn might see the field this week. If it is a close game and Frye goes down, you better believe Anderson is getting the ball.

The Browns had to make some moves on cut down day, and I for one was surprised to see players that were drafted this year get cut. Chase Pittman, Melila Purcell, and Sydric Steptoe were all late round picks that didn’t make the squad. They were signed to the practice team, making them eligible to sign with another team. I thought Steptoe had a good chance to make the team, especially with Travis Wilson struggling like he did. Also cut was RB Chris Barclay. I thought he played as hard as anyone on the roster. He did everything he could to make this team. He was a special team stand out, but in the end it wasn’t enough to make the roster.

Phil Savage went to bat for Romeo Crennel the other day, insisting that his job was safe, and there was no “Romeo watch” at Browns HQ. I suppose he had to come out and say that, even if Crennel was on the hot seat, but Savage used some strong language to insist that Romeo was staying put. I found this comment particularly interesting…

“There is no hot seat, this that and the other. Yeah, if we get beat 50-0 in the first six games, that is a different story. But I don’t think that is going to happen.”

Now, why say the first six games? Seriously, was that really an arbitrary number? Could it be because so much talk has centered on the team needing to get off to a good start? Could it be a mental slip, as in that was the date they were thinking if the team started like 1-5 or 2-4, especially if Quinn is still holding a clipboard? Am I reading too much into this? Yeah, maybe. But come on, how can Crennel not be on some kind of hot seat?

In other NFL news, Rodney Harrison has been suspended, which you knew about, but somehow I missed that Antonio Pittman had been cut by the Saints. He was claimed by both the Bengals and the Rams, but the Rams got the advantage and ended up with Antonio. Funny, I was surprised when the Saints drafted Pittman, but I was equally surprised to see them cut him. I’m really glad that Cincinnati didn’t get him. I hope he has a good career in St. Louis. Anthony Schlegel did however land in Cincinnati after being cut by the Bengals.

Reche Caldwell was cut by the Patriots. He was the team’s leading receiver last year, but was the odd man out in the rebuilt New England receiving corps. I wouldn’t mind taking a look at Caldwell. Seems to me that he is worth a roster spot over Travis Wilson, or possibly even Tim Carter.

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