Angels drop Tribe 10-3…Indians appear on Jim Rome Show

First the ugly- the Angels pounded out 15 hits and scored 10 runs against Paul Byrd and the Tribe relievers Thursday. As hot as the Indians have been, they were bound to have a game like this sooner or later. It was distressing to see the team whiff 12 times. We really need to cut down on our strikeout total. We had a chance in the 3rd to break the game open when Victor struck out with the bases loaded. He didn’t just strike out, he chased pitches way out of the strike zone to bail out Escobar who had walked 2 straight batters.


This play by Peralta aside, the Tribe struggled defensively last night. Victor had a mental error at first last night that was a direct result of his inexperience at the position. A ball was hit that Byrd, Martinez and Barfield all went after. Byrd got to the ball, but Victor didn’t have time to get to the bag after his indecision. It didn’t cost us anything, but easily could have. I just wonder if Byrd would make a post-season start, and if he did would Wedge use Martinez at first?

The Tigers won their game and so they move to within 6 games of the Tribe. Jim Leyland went on record yesterday that the Tigers were realistically looking at the wild card, and had essentially given up on the division. Can we get that in writing? Does that count? I suppose he doesn’t have the authority to concede the division.

Today on Jim Rome’s radio show he had C.C. Sabathia, Ryan Garko, Joe Borowski and Ben Francisco in studio. They talked about the typical stuff- C.C. and run support, Borowski and his era and save total, Garko’s improving defense. It was interesting that Ryan talked about still having some uneasiness when a big lefty is up.


Borowski was asked about not getting national respect, and he played the New York, Boston Sportscenter card. They talked about beating Santana 5 times. C.C. said he’d be ticked if someone beat him 5 times in a season. How did I not know that Garko and Francisco were high school teammates? That is unbelievable. What are the chances of something like that happening. Good interview.


Hands down the highlight was the guys talking about their fantasy football draft. Apparently Garko is the commissioner, and he hands out fines for everything. They have a $100 fine if one of your players ends up arrested. That’s funny! You can tell these guys aren’t hurting for cash either.

In order to hear, or download the show I guess you have to subscribe to Rome’s internet club or whatever. Here is the link-

I don’t know that I would sign up just to listen to this interview, even though it was one of the best segments I’ve heard on Rome’s show.

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One response to “Angels drop Tribe 10-3…Indians appear on Jim Rome Show

  1. Awesome job Rick. I didn’t get to hear this today. Thanks for the update. I would love to be in the Fantasy Football League with those guys…and beat all their asses.

    That being said…have some faith with the Tribe game…as it’s tied. Problem though…runners on second and third…after a double steal…Howie Kendrick up…

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