M R Ducks


Go Ducks!

There’s no joy in Ann Arbor for the mighty Oregon Ducks have destroyed the scum Groundhogs. Like Rick said the Bucks won ugly, but they won. Final score: Oregon 39, scum 7. The Ducks rolled up 628 total yards as the groundhogs played voyeur defense. The question now is not will Lloyd Carr last through the season, but will he last through September? Boosters have got to be beating down the AD’s door by now. I gotta tell you I’m all choked up about Michigan’s start this season. O.k. not really, but I am already wondering about UM’s chances against the likes of Eastern Michigan and Northwestern. So, 20-2 over Akron doesn’t look so bad. Bring on the Huskies.


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2 responses to “M R Ducks

  1. rickg15

    It’s just too bad that one of these losses wasn’t to a Big Ten opponent. If you’re a woodchuck fan, at least you can take heart that there won’t be much demand for those Chic-fil-a bowl tickets.Hey, you might even win a bowl game this year!

  2. JJ

    You can’t spell LLOYD without two “L’s” however if you went to Ohio State you can’t spell period.

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