Charlie Frye will not start this week

That’s not much of a limb, since he was TRADED THIS AFTERNOON!


Frye was traded to the Seahawks for what looks like a 6th round draft pick. Rumors started floating as early as yesterday when Ken Dorsey’s truck was spotted at Brown’s headquarters. Brady Quinn was upset when Dorsey was cut, claiming that Dorsey was the best mentor that Quinn had on the team. If that doesn’t send a chill down your spine I don’t know what will. How about trading for Charlie Batch, or Vinny Testaverde to mentor young Brady? What’s Montana doing these days? Sign him up. I’d give up a roster spot so that Quinn has the right kind of NFL education.

The Charlie Frye situation is perhaps the poorest handling of a player since Bernie Kosar in my opinion. Hear me out on this one. It seems to me that the locker room has been split over the QB situation for weeks. Joe Jurevicius was in Frye’s corner, while Braylon Edwards was certainly not. Who knows where Winslow’s mind was, but regardless the players were not unified going into the season. What is worse is that the coach wasn’t helping. Giving Frye the starting job on a week to week basis was the worst decision that could be made for that environment. So, if Charlie was the best candidate to start game one, how could he suddenly be so bad that you had to get rid of him?

I’ll admit that Charlie was horrible in week one. Is getting rid of him really the solution? Maybe it is. Maybe he had no respect left in the clubhouse. Maybe the best thing for the Browns was to get what they could for him and move on. It seems that he would have had more value about three weeks ago, but after weeks of fumbling waffling by Crennel, not really giving his support to any QB, he had fostered this environment by which the only course of action was to trade a 3rd round QB for a 6th round draft pick. I’ve been a Crennel guy for the past 2 years, because he knows football, but he is not a head coach. The way he handled this QB ‘battle’ will end up costing the team victories during the toughest part of the schedule, and to division opponents to boot.

So will it be Derek Anderson or Brady Quinn? Scuttlebutt is that Brady will start against a Bengals defense that looks to be the weakest they will face for a few weeks. But do you want to start Brady and then sit him against ‘good’ defenses? What does that say? With Crennel, I have no idea what to expect. Perhaps Savage needs to step in and help Romeo make this decision.

By the way, best message board response I’ve seen-

Fan #1 We traded Frye to Seattle.

Fan #2 Did we get Holmgren?


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