Charlie, We Hardly Knew Ye


So, Charlie Frye is now Matt Hasselbeck’s back-up. I say, good for him, bad for the Browns. I am also not surprised in the least. As quick as Crennel pulled him for Anderson Sunday I knew Charlie wasn’t going to be wearing the brown and orange for long. It’s my opinion that Frye has been on the trading block since training camp began. The powers that be were just afraid to pull the trigger until now because of Quinn’s holdout and lack of practice in the system. Crennel has never really shown any confidence in Frye and Anderson has never really performed.

So is the Brady watch on? I hope not, but if you listen to Mike & Mike on ESPN radio they are screaming for him to get the reigns; playing “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias, due to Mike Golic’s huge man crush on Quinn, and saying that Brady should start against Cincinnati. My fear is that the average Cleveland fan is doing the same thing.

If you’re one of those people clamoring for Quinn, think about this: Since 1999 the Browns have had a handful of starting QB’s, but we have a couple of young kids who have been forced into a bad situation before they were ready for the professional game. Tim Couch came out of Kentucky with lots of talent and promise then he was thrown in as a starter for the Browns behind the calls from the fans. He was quickly broken by an inept system and a poor offensive line. Now this man cannot get a job in the NFL. Were we all wrong about the potential of Couch? No, we have a player who had too much forced upon him too fast.

Bring on Charlie Frye. Frye is a talented player. Over the season last year his progress was obvious. People complained that he was taking too many sacks and should be throwing the ball away more. He did just that. It has to be hard to get rid of the ball when the rush is on top of you. Now he moves on to Seattle and I foresee him becoming the Quarterback we expected him to become here.

So, Brady Quinn . . . is it time to throw him into the fray? I say learn from past mistakes and give the kid some time to mature and catch up to the pro game. Allow him to develop under a mentor and move in to the starter role when he can do so prepared and equipped to reach his tremendous potential.

Please, hold your “We want Brady” chants for a while and deal with Derek Anderson as the starter. Sure that means tough days ahead, but it also allows for significant growth for Quinn. And, maybe (as if the Browns coaching staff is really reading this) don’t give up on the running game. Jamal Lewis knows how to find the openings. I’d like to see at least 30 rushing attempts this sunday. We only had a total of 16 attempts against Pittsburgh. I know conventional wisdom dictates, “Well when you’re trailing the passing game helps get more yardage quickly and hopefully more points.” Because (sarcasm alert) that always works.

See you Charlie, I truly wish you well. Hang in there Derek, this offense will improve this season. And hold on Brady, sit back, learn, grow, and hone that potential until you’re truly ready to unleash yourself on the NFL. And to you the fan, be patient and don’t curse Quinn to the fate of Couch and Frye.

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