Tribe takes series from Chicago…goes for sweep today

The magic number is down to 11. Perhaps more importantly, as my friend at the DiaTribe points out, we are only 2.5 games from having the best record in all of baseball.


I didn’t get to see the game until Garko was walked to ‘drive in’ a run in the 6th. A few pitches later Peralta walked, and the game was basically over. Chicago looked like they were more interested in going home than in trying to rally and win the game. Of course, with the Tribe relievers they didn’t have much of a shot. Jensen Lewis replaced Paul Byrd with one out in the seventh, and promptly punched out the next two hitters, stranding men on second and third.

Aaron Fultz was off, but Rafael Perez came in and slammed the door way shut, working 2 perfect innings. Perez has now pitched in 39 games, just over 56 innings, with a 1.44 era, and hasn’t given up an earned run since August 19th. Byrd got his 15th win. He has put together a nice season. Don’t know if he’ll be used much in the post season. If the Tribe played all the games possible he might have to start once. The post-season has been expanded this year, adding more days off. That is going to favor teams with 2 or 3 stud pitchers. Yeah us!

Hafner has 90 rbi now. He should get to a hundred. I wouldn’t have guessed that a month ago. Pronk had 9 rbi in August. 23 games played…9 runs batted in. Yikes! And 4 of those came in the Twins series at the end of the month! Since the calendar turned Travis has 13 in only 11 September games. Good time to start getting hot. Let’s hope a couple other bats get hot for the stretch run.

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