Will the punishment fit the crime?


Let me say this up front- I am not a Jet fan. What I am wondering is why the punishment for the Patriots’ sideline videography isn’t going to include forfeiting the game that they were caught cheating in? I don’t quite understand the logic to this. Sure, I think that losing draft picks is a serious penalty, but I don’t think it should be the only penalty. I’ve read from football insiders that the penalty could be as severe as a second round pick and a fifth round pick, more than likely not in the same draft. My question is why not make them forfeit the Jets game and take away a second round pick? Wouldn’t that be a serious deterrent from cheating?

My buddy and I were discussing this tonight, and we were trying to come up with comparisons in other sports. The best we could think of would be if there were cameras in center field pointed at the catcher’s signs, and some sort of relay or signal could be instantly sent to the batter. But even then, it is probably easier to audible to another play than to hit a pitch when you know what it will be. And if a player on the other team was able to figure out what one of your signs was while playing on the field, then so be it, but to assign someone to video tape the other coach, and compare that with other visual evidence to ‘crack the code’ is just as bad as what Tim Donaghy did in my opinion. Donaghy attempted to alter the outcome of games for his personal benefit. Isn’t that what the New England coaches were doing? I think this is just as important to the “integrity of the game” as the steroid issue.

Seems to me that the commish retired at just the right time don’t you think? Now we’ll see if Roger Goddell is as serious about front office and coaches behaving as he is players.


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3 responses to “Will the punishment fit the crime?

  1. Brandon

    Actually there is something similar. Derek Jeter for years has had Gun guy in the stands. Even when pitchers request the gun be turned off Jeters guy would often secretly signal his boss the speeds. He is got in trouble in the past for this.

  2. Skate

    The sad part of this penalty is that it does not address the real problem. To understand the Belichick approach to winning Is that you push the rule book to the limit. Thats why they have won 3 championships. They are the NFL darlings, and never get penalized like other teams for the exact same infraction. During the first two playoff games against the Colts, I have never witnessed more defensive holding in one game in my life, than the Patriots did to the Colts. This was by design. Belichick knew the officials would never disrupt the flow of the game by throwing constant flags, and they did not. This allowed the Patriots to take a victory from a superior team! He is only a genius, when it comes to his interpretation of the rules. He knows how much he can bend them. Even when a new rule is made just for him (videotaping) He understands the risk/reward value and knows just what he can get away with! So even when the NFL says absolutely no video taping, he tests them on the very first game of the season. Will this be the last infraction from Belichick. No!!! he will find another loop hole and exploit it. He may even video tape again, but next time he will not be caught!

  3. The weak penalty just goes to show that Goodell is the Owners’ hammer. He will punish the players for making the NFL look bad off the field, but when a team and a coach wound the integrity of the game with a clear violation of the rules and a slap in the face of sportsmanship and fair play, we slap them on the wrist and look the other way.

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