LeBron has surgery to correct vision

In case you missed it, LeBron had Lasik eye surgery last weekend to improve his vision. Most reports I’ve seen don’t consider this a major thing, just a little tweak.


But what if? What if this minor correction turns out to be something that helps LeBron focus on the basket better? What if this correction somehow helps his long range shot? What if this small surgery improves his free throw percentage? How much more dangerous would that make LeBron? How much more dangerous would this make him in the post-season? Bottom line, it probably won’t make a dramatic difference. But what if it does?

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One response to “LeBron has surgery to correct vision

  1. Sportsattitude

    His surgery is definitely gonna make for some commentary, jokes, etc. as the season begins. But yeah, what if the guy starts shooting 60% from the floor and making threes right and left? You may have a significant increase in people seeking out the surgery who maybe were on the fence about having it until LeBron started to shoot the lights out.

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