Cleveland flexes some muscle

John is going to take on the Browns recap, I’ll just say- that’s exactly what I thought was going to happen (shakes head sarcastically.)


I will mention that the Indians took the required two of three from the Royals this weekend. As was described in an earlier post, Casey Blake and the Tribe homered their way to a win on Friday night. On Saturday, Fausto Carmona pitched another gem, going 8 innings while allowing only 3 hits, 0 runs, and striking out 9. His record now stands at 17-8, with a 3.08 era. His 24 quality starts is actually one better than C.C.’s. (His era is too, but we don’t want to start rumors that he should win the Cy Young- it will split the Cleveland vote.) The Indians scored 6 runs on the night, 4 of which came in the eighth inning. It wouldn’t matter though, as Perez came in and struck out the side in the ninth.


The Sunday afternoon affair was not as successful, as the Royals got the win 4-3. The Indians had chances to take the lead, but couldn’t come through in the clutch. Laffey gave up all 4 runs and took the loss. Now, what was amazing to me in this game was the relief pitching. (I know, they’ve been outstanding all season, but this was tremendous.) Lewis, Fultz, Betancourt and Mastny combined to pitch 2.2 innings. That is 8 outs. 5 of those came via the punch out. This bullpen is just spectacular. I’m going to have to buy a thesaurus to keep writing about them.


The Tigers pulled to within 4.5 games on Sunday, as they completed the sweep of Minnesota. (By the way, have the Twins laid down and rolled over lately or what?) The Indians magic number remains at 9 after Sunday’s action. Detroit is also within striking distance of the Yankees and that wild card spot, only 2 games out.


Obviously, the series this week is huge for both teams. For the Tigers they need to win to pull closer in the division, and keep pace for the wild card. For the Indians they are still tied with the Angels for the number 2 slot in the playoffs. This week should decided a lot in the AL playoff hunt.Let’s go Tribe! Just win your series.


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3 responses to “Cleveland flexes some muscle

  1. There are 4 series left in the season. The Magic Number is 10.

    If The Indians win or split every series left, they clinch the AL Central. It’s that simple.

    A win or split in the final four series will give us 8 wins…and the two Detroit losses will come from us beating them in the series.

    And before anybody begins to worry about the possibility of pulling that off in the final four series of the year, absorb this little factoid.

    In their last 11 series the Indians have played, we have not lost a single one. 9 wins, 2 splits.

    Sounds to me like a team that is peaking at the right time.

  2. rickg15

    Actually, the magic number is nine. I would like to see the Tribe get home field for the first round if possible.

  3. tsos20

    Cleveland needs to do what the Red Sox just did; avoid a sweep. Winning the series would be great, but as long as they win 1, they will retain a healthy lead.
    The Sultan on Sports

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