Way to go Jim, way to go

Jim Thome hit his 500th home run Sunday. It was a walk-off to boot.

I won’t say much about this, because I’ve said it already.But from John and myself here at Halftime Adjustments, we celebrate with you Jim. I hope that you get elected to the Hall someday. I wouldn’t mind going to see that.Thanks for the memories.



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2 responses to “Way to go Jim, way to go

  1. Way to go indeed. I continue to be a fan of Jim Thome (not the White Sox of course). I have always wished him well and never felt betrayed by him when he left the Tribe (stop booing him Cleveland!). I hope the hall of fame has a spot for him.

  2. rymo916

    They really need to either ask Lebron for input on the draft or free agents. He seems to be the only one with real basketball knowledge in that organization

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