Calm down people…calm down

While checking my blog stats tonight I noticed a trend in my search engine hits. People were searching for ‘Brandon Saine surgery’ or ‘Brandon Saine knee injury’. This of course led me to discussion boards that had Saine getting every conceivable knee operation possible. Timetables for his return were 3 weeks to out for the season. Again- these were message boards and not actual reports! So I searched for the real story.

The story as it has been reported by the Columbus Dispatch, is that Brandon is questionable for Northwestern with an undisclosed injury that he suffered last week. He was not injured at practice on Monday, like a rumor I saw.

This morning however, (Saturday) I found this article in the Dayton Daily News (thanks to Men of the Scarlett and Grey). It sounds like Brandon may be out a few weeks, this according to his mother. I’m a little surprised that Tressel wouldn’t have been a little more forthcoming on this matter. He had nothing to gain by being secretive. Of course, maybe he did it to protect the family from a media circus. Regardless, we shouldn’t need brandon to beat Northwestern. Get well soon though.

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