Throwing a penalty flag on The Big Lead

Full disclosure first- I read The Big Lead. I’ve linked to the Big Lead. They even threw us a bone once with a link back to a Michigan post John wrote. But I have to call a foul. On two occasions in the past 10 days The Big Lead has ran posts that were nothing more than sensationalism, written to elicit comments and start rumors. The first had to do with a “University in Pennsylvania” that was allegedly about to suspend a number of its football players for a “Duke Lacrosse type situation.” It turns out the story didn’t come out until three days later, and involved members of the Millersville University football team. Of course there was much speculation as to who the team in question was going to be. To TBL’s credit they did say up front that Penn State and the major schools weren’t involved. So when they said Duke Lacrosse type situation, did they mean the nature of the crime, or that reports would come before facts were straight?

Honestly, the first incident was annoying but I just ignored it. The second time it happened, it made me mad. Friday afternoon TBL posted about a New York Daily News Report, in which an HGH investigation could point to more allegations. So TBL creates a ‘game’ of trying to guess who will be the Massachusetts athlete busted next. Can you say internet rumors?

This is why internet writers are not taken seriously. This is the kind of irresponsible journalism that makes writers like Jeff Pearlman ticked off. This is why sports talk hosts like Colin Cowherd don’t like The Big Lead. If you aren’t a TBL reader you may remember hearing about the Blog that Colin got shut down temporarily by telling his listeners to crash the server. That was The Big Lead. Cowherd was reprimanded for his actions, and The Big Lead has grown ever since. I never knew about it until that report.

Be better than this TBL. Otherwise, you might as well be The Big Sports Tabloid. And do we really need that?

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