Tribe, Mariners finish what they started…in April!

Yep. Fausto will do that to you.


Fausto Carmona won his 19th game, as the Tribe rolled to a 12-4 victory in the first game of a double header with the Mariners. It was probably the last game Carmona will pitch in the regular season. If it is, he has most certainly won the era title. He has come a long way from his disastrous ’06 campaign, but that has been well documented already. If you are looking for the reason the Indians have claimed the A.L. Central title, it is hard to look past Fausto. Sure, C.C. may win the Cy Young, and I’m not taking anything away from Sabathia, but nothing was expected from Carmona. Truth is if you asked who might win 19 games other than Sabathia, most Tribe fans would have answered Westbrook. The others would have said Cliff Lee. Nobody would have said Fausto. This kid picked up the team and became a force.

The Indians rested more regulars today, Lofton, Gutierrez, and Peralta sat. Instead of Barfield at second the Indians used Luis Rivas. All he did was drive in 4 runs on a homer and a triple. Not bad. The Indians got 2 doubles from Ryan Garko, and one from Casey Blake. 17 hits in all. Victor Martinez was hitless, but he walked and scored twice, and showed no ill affects from the bruise that knocked him from the game yesterday. Andy Marte came in to pinch hit in the eighth, and singled. It was his first at bat since September 6th. David Dellucci also got in the game, his first action since his injury back on June 19th.

The win kept the Indians in first overall. A win in the second game will guarantee the Tribe of no worse than the #2 seed, and home field for the ALDS. Which by the way, I scored tickets for! That’s what I’m talking about…it’s Tribe time for Rick!

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One response to “Tribe, Mariners finish what they started…in April!

  1. dave . . .

    too bad they couldn’t stand the prosperity and blew the 2nd game. that makes 2 blown saves in a row for mr. “blowrowski”. i sure hope the indians bring in somebody better next year. he scares me more than blob dickman ever did. yeah, i know he has 43 saves, but he also has 8 blown saves, that means 8 more games the tribe should have won and we wouldn’t even be worrying about this best record scenario at this point as they would already have it. give me a guy like j.j. putz or joe nathan who consistently just blow people away 1-2-3 and limit their blown saves to the blue moon variety.

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