Cavaliers Add A Matrix????

With rumors of Shawn Marion wanting out in Phoenix, every fan of every NBA team is dreaming of what an asset Marion can add to their team. Especially fans of the defending Eastern Conference Champs, Cleveland Cavaliers.


Considering Cavaliers GM Danny Ferry has not done much of anything (only getting rid of Scott Pollard) during this off-season, it is fun to dream what could happen. Having hoped for the Cavs to land Mike Bibby since last February, now there is a new hope; Shawn Marion. This would give Cleveland another legitimate scorer, rebounder, contributor and a great asset to LeBron James. Teams would no longer be able to sit back and wait on LeBron if there were another player such as Marion wearing the Wine and Gold.

Technology is a wonderful thing. On ESPN’s website is something called a trade machine. Where you, the fan can make NBA trades yourself to see if they work. If you are wondering if I played Danny Ferry for a moment in time, you are correct. Except I have hair…sorry. I simulated a trade between Phoenix and Cleveland (this one not involving John “Hot Rod” Williams for “Thunder” Dan Marleje). In this trade the Wine and Gold gave up Larry Hughes and Donyell Marshall for previously mentioned Marion.

Now this works money wise, but would it work for Phoenix? I say why not. Hughes and Marshall could flourish in their outside shooting when former 2-time NBA MVP Steve Nash is driving and dishing to wide open shooters. With Phoenix having Nash and Amare Stoudemire, Hughes and Marshall could be excellent complimentary players to the exciting play of the Suns. And also help the Cavaliers build off their incredible season from last year.

Good suggestion Pat, I was thinking we might have to give up Drew Gooden to get Shawn. In the trade I made work we gave Phoenix Gooden and Eric Snow. Word is that Snow might retire, and that would help the Suns with the luxury tax issue they are facing.- Rick

Cavs GM, Ferry was known as a shooter throughout his college and pro career. Now he is holding the ball and wide open, hopefully this off season he will pull the trigger on something, anything.

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