Sabathia wins 19th

You may have noticed a lack of Indian’s posts lately. This was not a lack of interest by Halftime Adjustments in watching the Tribe, but rather a lack of decent things to report about them. The past few games have looked like split squad spring training games. The Tribe has been resting players (which it needed to do) but the guys who have been out there just seem to be on autopilot. Honestly, I can’t say as I blame them.


Sure I could blast Joe Borowski for his consecutive blown saves. I could point out that he was dangerously close to another one last night. But I’ve talked at length about my trouble with Borowski before, and it isn’t going to do any good to bring it up 3 days before the play offs begin. I still maintain that Borowski will probably cost us a game in the post season, let’s just hope that game doesn’t cost them a series.

C.C. Sabathia was not his dominating self, perhaps he too saw this as a mere formality to next week. He was certainly good enough to beat the Royals, and that is exactly what he and the Indians did last night. They kept pace with the Red Sox, but in reality being tied with them won’t cut it for home field advantage as they have the tie breaker. So it is looking more and more like a Cleveland vs New York first round. We would have the home field advantage, if you can call it that. (Read the excellent piece over at DiaTribe about post season ticket sales.) My comment about the ticket situation is this- the Jake will end up with a lot more Yankee fans in attendance because of Major League Baseball’s stupid policies.

So C.C. and Fausto finished with 19 wins each, most by a Tribe duo since 1956 when Herb Score, Bob Lemon and Early Wynn had 20 wins each. (Now that would have been something to see.) Fausto was edged last night by John Lackey for the era title. Lackey pitched 7 shut out innings to take the overall lead. It also gave him 19 wins on the year, tying C.C. and Fausto, putting him one behind Beckett.

So who will win the Cy Young? I don’t know. It is hard to imagine C.C. getting the nod over Lackey when the Angels’ ace has as many wins and the best era in the league. C.C. has more strike outs, fewer walks, and more innings pitched, but is that enough to carry him? I guess we’ll see. The big difference in that balloting could end up being second place votes. Beckett will get some votes. Fausto may get some votes, Wang, Verlander and Dice-K might even get votes. Who will be consistent on everyone’s ballot? Will it be Sabathia? My guess is the guy leading the league in era will get consideration on everyone’s ballot. Advantage- Lackey.

But the only award that matters is the one with all the flags on it. Let’s hope the team can refocus when they need to, and send the Yankees home wondering what happened to the team that went 6-0 during the regular season against the Indians.

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