Buckeyes feast on Golden Gopher

So when the game first came on, Mrs. Adjustment said “Are the Buckeyes playing the McDonald’s All-Americans?” How would you answer that?


“No, that’s Minnesota. I’m not sure they have any former high school All-Americans.”

The Buckeyes made short work of the Gophers, beating them 37-7 at the Dome yesterday. If you listen to Minnesota coach Tim Brewster, he thinks his club was in it the whole game. He spoke in particular about a sequence in the second quarter where the Buckeyes intercepted a pass and then scored a TD of their own a few plays later.

Said Brewster, “It’s one of those things that could’ve changed the game — 14-14 right there,” Weber said. “Who knows what would’ve happened?”

Let me help you out here coach. If you score there the final score would have been 37-14. You were not in this game. When Wells absolutely ran over a Minnesota defender and plowed into the end zone for his second TD of the day in the first quarter, this one was over. Minnesota, who entered the game with a highly ranked offense, couldn’t come up with points when handed the ball within striking distance. They punted 9 times. Turned the ball over 2 more times. That was not a dominating offensive performance. They were handled by the superior athletes on OSU’s defense. Among those shining for the Buckeyes was Lauriniatis, no surprise there, who had 16 or 17 tackles depending on whom you read. James, as was pointed out way too many times last night, is from Minnesota and surely was one recruit that the Gophers could have used. Also having a big night was Malcolm Jenkins who seemed to be all over the field.


For the offense, Chris Wells had another 100 yard rushing performance, scoring those 2 TD’s. Big play Brian Robiskie was at it again with an acrobatic catch in the end zone. He finished just shy of 100 yards receiving. Brian Hartline had the other TD for the Bucks.

On a weekend that saw 5 top ten teams toppled, the Buckeyes held their ground, and will be handsomely rewarded in the polls come Sunday night. Let’s hope they don’t get indigestion or diarrhea from their gopher buffet.


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