Cavs add a pair of Hornets

Over the weekend the Cavs finally made their first move this off season. They signed free agent guard Devin Brown, and traded David Wesley to New Orleans for forward Cedric Simmons.


Brown is 28 years old and had many career highs last year, but that is not to say he was a steady performer. A bit streaky, Brown played in 58 games last year, starting 49 of those. He is not a 3 point threat, nor is he a fantastic point guard prospect. Brown was one of 3 players traded by the Jazz to Golden State for Derek Fisher, but was cut after training camp. He signed with New Orleans in December and finished out the year. Brown was on the ’04-’05 Spurs team that won a title. He played some significant minutes for the Spurs in the playoffs, particularly against the Lakers when he added 15 points and 6 boards coming off the bench.

Cedric Simmons was drafted just last year by the Hornets 15th overall. He played at N.C. State for 2 years before declaring for the draft. In his only NBA season Simmons played sparingly. He is listed as a Forward/Center, but at only 6’9″ it is hard to imagine him getting many significant minutes at the center spot.

The question Cavs’ fans will be asking- do these moves mean the end for Varejao and Pavlovic? The Cavs now have 6 guards on the roster, without Sasha Pavlovic. It would surprise me if the Cavs were able to bring both back. As training camp opens today, it would seem both the Cavs’ restricted free agents are looking to hold out. Truth is I would much rather see the Cavs sign Varejao than Pavlovic. Then again, I would much rather see them trade the lot of them for Shawn Marion. But that probably is a dream.

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