One on One with the Buckeye Battle Cry- part 2

Wanted to give the rest of our conversation with Jeff over at the BBC. You can view part 1 here.

Halftime Adjustments- Did you play sports in high school?

Buckeye Battle Cry- I was on the football team my senior year, but it was so I could learn more about the sport from a great coach (Bob Cummings, who coached Iowa)Also, I was on the swim team, the diving team, and the water polo team (only 8 WP teams in the whole state back then.) I was a skinny guy, so in football I played WR and DB.

HA- Your videos are maybe more widely seen than your blog has been read to this point, how long have you been making the videos? What’s your favorite?

BBC- The videos are only about three months older than the blog. I started making them to play on the big screens at Damon’s, and YouTube just seemed like a place to store them. My favorite is still “Texas Had A Bad Day“. When the ball floats in the air, and into Ted Ginn’s hands as the music swells a little bit, it’s enough to bring a little tear to my eye. But if I want to get fired up, it’s “Buckeye Thunderstruck” or “Boom!”

Here’s Buckeye Thunderstruck-

HA- Give me the player on offense and defense that are invaluable to our success this year.

BBC- Well, after last Monday’s arrest, I’d have to say Todd Boeckman on offense. I was OK with Henton’s backup abilities, but not Rob Schoenhoft. We need to keep him standing upright as long as possible. On defense, it’s Malcolm Jenkins. The talk is all about Laurinaitis, but he’s got a good supporting cast at LB. Jenkins shuts down half the field on the passing game, and his loss would be devastating against teams who can throw.

HA- What about the Buckeye basketball team… what will they do without the big 3?

BBC- Have you seen Kosta Koufos play in person yet? Thad Matta is the typical Ohio State coach…he reloads. Koufos is only one part, and I’ve read reports that say this year’s class is stronger than last year’s. Plus, all of the Big Three were newcomers too. If Matta can find kids like that in one year, he can do it again and again. 2007-2008 will be no step back for us.

HA- What are your goals/dreams for the BBC?

BBC- I have none. I just want to be able to keep writing and not piss off too many people, so they keep coming back to read again. But…I would like to see college and pro sports change their policies so bloggers could get media access. They could base admittance on certain numbers, but for now they’re unwilling to do so. I’ve tried to get media access in the past. No dice yet.

HA- How much time do you spend on your blog a day/week?

BBC- Way too much! Probably an hour a day, and that doesn’t include scanning other blogs, like MotSag, Eleven Warriors, and yours.

HA- What advice would you give a new blogger?

BBC- Write. Just write. It doesn’t matter what about…if you love it, you’ll write with passion, and there ARE others who just as passionate about it as you. They’ll find you. I can’t recall who told me this, but I was advised to “keep writing, and people will notice”. It worked.

HA- We’re winding down, I’m gonna need your John Cooper answer- John Cooper is to Ohio State football as …

BBC- John Cooper is to OSU football as the BCS is to college football. There’s a better way, everybody knows it, but there’s too much money involved to make a change, so everybody pretends that it’s OK and defends it’s flaws.

HA- Jeff, thanks for spending some time with us, keep up the good work at The Buckeye Battle Cry.

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