Tribe takes game 1 vs Yankees

Indians 12 Yankees 3!


Just like we thought it would be! Alright not exactly. C.C. Sabathia struggled a little, but not the Tribe offense. Pumped up from the log wait, C.C. didn’t have his best command tonight. He was high in the strike zone an awful lot. He threw an ungodly amount of pitches. And I might add that the strike zone was pretty small tonight. But what he did was keep the Yankees in check. Though he went only 5 innings, he left the game with the lead, and pitched his way out of a couple of serious jams. Obviously, the 5th inning was the big one. With the bases loaded and one out, and a 3-0 count on Jorge Posada, Sabathia struck him out on high fastballs. Now, a Yankee fan would be quick to point out that the pitches Jorge swung at were more than likely balls. Yep. I’ll agree to that, with the exception of the first one. So what? Your guy swung at them. After a weak pop up by Matsui, the Tribe and C.C. had held strong.


One thing I will take credit for, is calling Lofton a key player in this series. What a game he had. 3 for 4 with 4 RBI. Great job Kenny. The Tribe hit 4 home runs- Cabrera, Martinez, Hafner, and Garko all hit long balls tonight. 14 hits total, and maybe just as impressive 5 walks to only 4 strike outs. They really had Wang’s number. Give them credit for a great approach to the plate tonight, and then following through with the plan.


Much is being made about LeBron James wearing a Yankee hat, and openly rooting for New York. As LeBron mentioned on air, he is a Yankee and Cowboy fan. Now I have been a Cleveland fan my whole life. I grew up in Akron just like Lebron did. I wouldn’t be caught dead in a Yankee hat. But it is Lebron’s decision. Now, just like he has the right to root for any team, I have the right to bump him down my list of favorite players as well. Do I wish he was rooting for the Indians? Absolutely. Will I hope he signs with the Knicks someday? Of course not. I guarantee that you will see signs in New York asking LeBron to come where he is appreciated. Hey New York- go suck an egg! See you tomorrow night.

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One response to “Tribe takes game 1 vs Yankees

  1. josh

    I grew up in Akron as well, and also would not be caught dead in any Yankees gear. I have since developed a stronger hatred for Boston, but that’s another story.
    The only good think I can say about LeBron being a fan of the Yankees and the Cowboys is that he hasn’t backed down. A lot of players would lie and say they love the Indians and the Browns, but what good does that do? Gives the fan a warm-fuzzy but that’s about it.
    I don’t think the Indians or Browns, records will get better or worse depending on LeBron being a fan.

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