Tribe watches game slip away, will try tonight to put away the Yanks


The Indians had a chance yesterday to take the Yankees behind the woodshed and put the country out of its misery. Unfortunately, they couldn’t finish the act and we are subjected to more over-priced pinstripes. I just finished reading a column by Howard Bryant of ESPN who seems to think that the Indians are in serious trouble because they are pitching Byrd instead of Sabathia tonight. I will admit that I don’t really love the idea of Paul Byrd throwing against that line-up in Yankee Stadium, but my mood changed dramatically when I discovered that the Yankees are bringing back Chien-Ming Wang on only 3 days rest to pitch the game. Wang was completely ineffective against the Indians on Thursday night. He didn’t get out of the fifth, and threw 95 pitches in the process. I was more nervous that the Yankees would trot Hughes out there than Wang. After having to use Hughes for nearly 4 innings last night, that scenario flew out the window.

Our buddy Bryant seems to believe that countering Torre’s mistake of throwing Wang with a mistake of our own is the right thing to do. That’s crazy. C.C. is not the type of pitcher that you use on three days rest. He is a power pitcher, and those are the type that struggle when not rested properly. And let’s assume for a moment that the Indians win tonight, that would line-up Sabathia and Carmona for games 1, 2, 5 and 6 of the ALCS against Boston. If C.C. has to pitch Wednesday in Cleveland (which I think the Indians would have a serious advantage in) then so be it.

I can kind of understand Torre’s logic. I wouldn’t want Wang pitching in Cleveland. He would be much better off pitching in New York. Plus, the Yanks can use Pettitte on normal rest in game 5 if it came to that. Let’s hope it doesn’t. Go Byrd, and Go Tribe bats!

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