New links in the Blogroll…

There are a few new friends in the Blogroll. Obviously we added Ghosts of Wayne Fontes because of our friendly wager with them last week. They have quality stuff over there, and even though they are from a certain northern state, they are decent guys as well.

For some reason we never had Juiced Sports Blog in the roll, which we corrected. They actually named us in their 100 most influential sports bloggers post. Somewhere in the 30’s if I remember. Not sure why, but hey, we’ll take it!

The Sports Diva covers all the Ohio teams, and well, she asked us for a link. Sometimes that is all it takes.

I’m truly impressed with Cleveland Sports Authority. A fresh new blog with excellent writing. If you are a fan of Northern Ohio sports, you should be reading it.

Yeah, then there’s the Halftime Adjustments team shop. Really, I just wanted a shirt to wear and promote the site. But, you never know. If I get a clever for a shirt someone may want one. I get no commission on any of these, pure cost.

And, well I couldn’t resist. Saw this on The Big Lead and couldn’t help myself.

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One response to “New links in the Blogroll…

  1. Thanks for the shout out Rick. I was inspired to try my hand at this by reading blog sites like yours, so hopefully this is just the beginning.

    Good stuff in the Red Sux video, too. Couldn’t be any more true. I still feel trapped in deciding who I want to win the Series, although I suspect that I will probably just be pretending this years series never happened, just like I do with the 2004 and 2005 World Series.


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