“Overrated” Buckeyes down right offensive


Now that was quite a performance from the Buckeye offense. Touchdown drives of 80, 87 and 91 yards in that noisy stadium sure impressed me. 200 rushing yards, 253 passing yards against Conner and “Linebacker U”. Still not impressed? How about 0 punts? How about 12 for 16 on third down? Wow. Great game Buckeyes. I’ll have more analysis tomorrow, not to mention a guest spot over at My Jersey has no Name. Go Browns!

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One response to ““Overrated” Buckeyes down right offensive

  1. Ovvvvvvvvvvverrated!!!

    The 1st O in Ohio stands for Overrated, while the other O stands for being Out Played.

    The Ohio State Buckeyes have been overrated for sometime now. It’s a damn shame that they are ranked number one with their easy schedule. They often play Akron, Youngstown State, and Kent State. All of these teams are perennial losers. Why not have rivalries with there bordering states like most other schools do??? How about Ohio State West Virginia, Kentucky, Louisville, or Notre dame (please excuse the Irish this year). Could you imagine a West Virginia OSU rivalry? But OSU doesn’t want to schedule a rivalry that they can’t dominate. Not even a die hard OSU fan would believe that OSU could beat West Virginia every year. It would be a great back and forth rivalry.

    Plus the Big Ten is weak again this year and has been weak for quite some time. Last year they went 2-6 in Bowl games and their 2 best teams were blown out in there bowl games last year.

    I was not surprised that Illinois beat them today. Maybe these Buckeye fans will finally shut up, but I doubt it. They had so many excuses for loosing to Florida last year.
    Ted Ginn getting hurt, too long of a layoff, the team didn’t show up to play, and even some idiots said that OSU threw the game.

    Not many of them acknowledged any of the real reasons that OSU lost such as:
    • Playing a team that was tested by a TOUGH SCHEDULE.
    • Playing a team from a much superior conference. Playing a team with faster athletes. (OSU had Ginn & Gonzalez, Florida has 2nd stringers who could run that fast not just 2 athletes).
    • Being out coached. Not facing a fast defense all season.

    I have no problem with fans that support their teams. HOWEVER, their is a difference between a fan and a FANATIC. I love the Miami Hurricanes, but they have as much of a chance of winning the national title this year as Pee Wee Herman does of being the starting Quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Stating that doesn’t mean I am not loyal to Miami, it’s just the truth. Why can’t Buckeye fans admit to their weak schedule & conference?

    OSU was lucky to win a national title in 2002, thanks to another weak schedule, not playing Iowa, & a bad call at the end of regulation. But before then it was almost 40 years since they won a national title. It’s not like they are the present USC Trojans, Oklahoma Sooners, LSU Tigers, or the past Florida State Seminoles, Miami Hurricanes, or Nebraska Cornhuskers of the 80’s & 90’s. Whom are in or were in the title race annually.

    Before Tressel arrived they couldn’t even beat Michigan to win their own weak conference.

    OSU is simply benefiting from being the biggest bully in a yard full of 90 pound weaklings. How would they survive against Pac 10 or SEC competition? Teams like Florida, Notre dame, Michigan, LSU, etc… annually have tough schedules and can’t help but pick up a loss or two. OSU should win most of their games due to its poor caliber of competition.

    My point to you OSU fanatics out there is:
    Maybe you should strengthen your schedule and play some tough teams and earn respect, instead of listening to the media who automatically rank you high because of your name recognition and past achievements.

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