Carmen Ohio, a capella

Buckeye Commentary brought to our attention that the Ohio State band did not travel to Penn State on Saturday. According to Buckeye lineman Kirk Barton the reason is because the last time the band went to Happy Valley, they were pelted with all types of objects, some that may have included human waste. Whether it is true or not, the band did not accompany the team, which led to an a capella version of the Alma Mater after this week’s big win.

I was trying to pick a player of the game, but it was difficult. Certainly Todd Boeckman deserves consideration, but honestly that whole offensive line does as well. They protected and opened holes all evening. And perhaps the most athletic performance of the night was by an OSU lineman. Does anyone remember or have video of the OL that leaped over Hartline’s head after he scored? Hartline was standing straight up, and I think it was Boone, jumped right over him. A 300 pound lineman just leaped over his helmet. I hope someone has a link for this. Jeff, you out there somewhere?

But the nod has to go to Todd Boeckman. Not only did he keep his cool and lead his team in a pressure situation, but he earned the respect of some national media in the process. I was listening to Colin Cowherd today, and although he called OSU’s defense overrated, he gave Todd Boeckman praise and said that if Ohio State won a championship it would be because Boeckman is a good quarterback. Now, I still think Colin is an idiot, but it was at least nice to hear someone give any type of respect to the Buckeyes at all.

Wisconsin comes to Columbus this Saturday, and if any team is unfazed by Ohio State and specifically Jim Tressel, it’s Wisconsin. Tressel is 1-3 against the Badgers. This is the only team in the conference Tressel has a losing record against. In addition the Badgers are 2-0 in Columbus against the Buckeyes. Don’t think that Tressel is looking past this game. To him, this one might be bigger than the Penn State game. I expect to see focus and determination this Saturday. Assuming of course I find a place to watch it. I curse your name Big Ten Network.

What worries me coming out of the Penn State game is the play of our front 7. Specifically the D tackles. In a 4-3 it is the responsibility of the tackles to plug gaps, and take up more than one blocker, to free up the linebackers. Our linebackers, specifically Lauriniatis, were not getting to the QB, nor the running backs. This is a concern when we play Michigan. If Hart finds holes like the ones open Saturday night, he could go for 200 yards against us. I’m hoping to see better play from the front men this week.

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