What about the wager?

Some of you have been asking about the wager we had with there is no name on my jersey. The post was delivered, and so we shall be patient and wait for them to format the post to their style. UPDATE: The post is up.

The next question- will there be a wager with a Wisconsin blog? Well…I am afraid of sounding really arrogant or terrible here…but I’ve been looking for one to offer the wager with…and to be honest…there aren’t many decent Badger blogs out there. I’m sorry, but if you haven’t posted anything in October I’m not going to offer you the wager. If you know of a good Badger site then please leave me a comment and I will check it out, but it looks like slim pickings.

I know, I know- “Who are you mr. bigshot blog!?” I realize that more people go to see the Devil Rays play than read my blog each week (it’s close though). But if you aren’t making at least an effort why should I waste my time with your blog? Maybe somebody at Deadspin is a closet Badger fan. I don’t know, but please anyone come forward and stand up for your Badgers this week!


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